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    Otaku Feature of the Month: September

Hello! Thanks for patiently waiting for another update. August ended up being busier than usual. ^^

September's member feature is LunaInverse!

1. How did you come across theOtaku?

Uhm ... I've been here since 2006 ... wow they are almost 10 years... The truth is that had barely begun on the issue of graphic design... I was looking for a page where I can publish. I came to the page across google looking for a good site to me.

2. Where did you come up with your username?

LunaInverse, is from the Slayers animanga... Luna Inverse, is the sister of the protagonist Lina Inverse, although she is only mentioned in one time, and only appears in the opening, I like her xD

3. What type of art do you specialize in?

Digital art, of course, but I never say no to the traditional art.

4. How do you think theOtaku has assisted with your art growth?

Wow... Ahm... theOtaku was the first place where I shared my art online... Sometimes I look my first designs in this webpage and I always think "wow, I've really improved a lot!!" And I'm really happy because... it's a fact... If I had never entered to theOtaku, I never improved so much.

5. What music genre do you get gather most of your motivation from?

Music? Oh, wow, look my most recent designs... the J-Rock of SCANDAL makes my days better, and whenever I have to design something, I always have their music playing.

6. Who has inspired you on this website? In general?

In this website A LOT OF PEOPLE, but.... I want to mention 3 persons in this website...
killua2512 Although she’s not active anymore, but was one of the first people I met here, and I always love her sweet style of designs, and was a nice person with me always.
BabyD From the first time I saw her designs, I always wanted to be as good as her, the way in combining letters with designs is great.
Felcie I know her more late than the other two, but the first time I started designing with Photoshop was to do something for her birthday, because I wanted to be as good as she. She makes some great designs and has my admiration.
In general, one artist of my country, that I admired so much, internet known as "Lehanan Aida" she's really amazing and a very good artist.

7. When you first joined TheOtaku, do you remember what anime and/or manga you were obsessed with at the time?

Yup! Inuyasha xD Just look at my very first designs, I really like this anime, although not my favorite.

8. Have you ever taken art classes?

Ahm... at the first no... I started stealing Paint Shop Pro 7 from my brother, using it on his computer, after some years of making designs for own learning, I want to learn to use Photoshop instead of Paint Shop Pro 8, 9 and 10, since it does I went to design class. I learn photoshop and Corel DRAW.

9. Anything else you’d like to share? (Quite literally, anything!)

Love SCANDAL!! I said XD Ok, no, I want to make you know my blog for artist interviews ;3 Meet de Artist Coming soon: interviews in English, at the moment, all are in spanish, but you can see really good art.

10. What anime/manga did you learn about by just viewing art and reading posts on TheOtaku?

Aww... Kimi ni Todoke... I saw some art of it, and I love it, I would never have known without the beautiful designs as I saw here.

11. Have you ever hit a point in your life you were ready to give up, but ended up persevering? If so, have any advice for the rest of us?

Ahm... yeah... I'm a person with very poor health... Some years ago... I was very serious, even today every so often I have to go to the hospital... I passed some time really bad... and after several months I wanted to give up... But give up is not the solution to anything... so... PEOPLE OF THE WORLD... Live your life without regrets, be happy as you are, you are a really special person for a lot of people, so... Don't leave the world alone, without you. Not worth suffering for nonsense.

You can also find me on my tumblr: Taiyou To Tsuki 太陽と月

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