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    Artist Feature of the Month: June

Thank you to those who nominated another member! We certainly got more than we anticipated, which is always a good thing!

June's featured member of the month is: Judai Winchester.

Along with a self-nomination, other members who nominated Judai were Snowzi and RinMustang22!~

And now to the interview: Special thanks to Alchemic Mushroom who submitted some of the interview questions.

1. How did you come across theOtaku?

I first came across theOtaku when I was looking for anime wallpapers, namely Yu-Gi-Oh. Soon after I joined theOtaku, at first just to download wallpapers (back then you had to be a member to download wallpapers) but then I soon became inspired by the many artists here and I started trying my hand at making wallpapers.

2. Where did you come up with your username?

When I first joined I was ThousandShadowsMP. I'm not quite sure how I came up with this username. I think it was a translation of a character's name, can't remember the character's name now. And the "MP" part stood for "Magic Protector". I was really into fantasy stuff back then. I still am actually.

And from 2012-2014 I was Klassic with a K. At the time I had a radio show in High School as a student DJ. And my DJ name was "DJ Klassic With a K". So I had requested my name be changed to "Klassic" at the time. Plus I wanted a change.

My current name "Judai Winchester" came from everybody calling me "Judai" and I wanted my name to reflect that. And Judai Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh GX is my favorite character. The Winchester part comes from my being a huge fan of the TV show Supernatural.
And thanks to ItachiSasuke I had my name changed to Judai Winchester which is my favorite name so far and seems to fit who I am today.

3. What type of art do you specialize in?

I specialize mostly in Graphic Design but I draw quite frequently. So I specialize in different types of media (Digital, graphic design, and traditional art). And once in awhile I like to try new things. :)

4. How do you think theOtaku has assisted with your art growth?

TheOtaku has assisted with art growth in many ways. It was the many artists here that inspired me to start making my own wallpapers. There are many artists here that still continue to inspire me and become better. It has helped me grow in leaps and bounds with my art. The feedback I receive for my different works is always inspiring and encouraging. If it wasn't for theOtaku, I wouldn't be the artist I am today.

5. Are there other forms of art you enjoy, such as sewing, crafting, photography, etc??

I've done some crafting. I do have an interest in photography as well. I like taking pictures of scenery in nature when the lighting is just right.
And as far as crafts, I once made some keyblades out of random cardboard around the house. They weren't professional but they turned out ok. I don't have them anymore sadly. My more recent "craft" was making a "frame" out of a Coca-Cola 12 pack box for one of my posters. It turned out ok. Its currently hanging on my wall. I experiment with different crafts once in a while when the inspiration strikes.

6. Who has inspired you on this website? In general?

Honestly there are many artists that inspire me here. When I first joined here, I was inspired by Sweetdevil and Angel Zakuro because they were so talented. I still admire them greatly. They both provided me with tons of feedback over the years on my work and helped me improve tremendously.

Mangakid inspires me to become a better digital and traditional artist. Her work amazes me and inspires me. Clueless101 inspires me as well along with Toyotami_Kun and many other talented artists here.

21emmz12 and KyraChan are also great inspirations to me when it comes to my graphic art. Their styles always inspire me to try newer and more challenging projects.

7. How personal or emotionally-inspired is the art you make?

I honestly put 100 percent of myself into every piece I make, be it fan art, wallpaper, or e-card. Some pieces are more personal than others. Making these emotionally charged works usually helps me work through emotional stress that I'm experiencing in my daily life.
All the pieces I create are personal to me in some way, shape, or form. They each have their own story about me in the time that they were made. Does that make sense?

8. Have you ever taken art classes?

Yes I've taken art classes in Elementary school, Junior High/Middle school, and in High School. I was in an AP art class in my senior year in High School. My art teacher inspired me greatly, her name was Miss Gooch. :)

9. Anything else you’d like to share?

I'd like to say I'm quite thankful to have so many wonderful friends on this amazing website. I think theOtaku is the most amazing anime and manga community on the Internet today. I couldn't ask for a better platform to share my work than here.

And I want to start a fan comic and submit a quiz someday too!

I've been apart of theOtaku for 8 years now. And I will gladly spend forever here. :)

10. Is there a specific manga or comic artist that inspires you?

As far as manga artists go, the manga stylings of Kazuki Takahashi, the creator and author of Yu-Gi-Oh has had much of an influence on my drawing style.
And I'm highly inspired by Dreamworks and Disney animation as well.

11. What are some things you personally are looking forward to changes on theO?

Personally I'd love to see some more options regarding designing personal World sites here on theOtaku. I'd love to see some more color combonations such as pink and black. And some tutorials for new members joining this site regarding stuff on how to create wallpapers, e-cards, and various other submissions as well. As well as a tutorial for new members on how to navigate the site. Something like that.

Here are some works I'd love to feature. These are my personal favorites from my galleries.

I see fire

Tale as old as time

Be the light

Fan Art:

Hands Holding a Sleeping Johan

50th Drawing: Winged Embrace

Bring Back the Sunshine

Falling thru the Stars

Kindan no Resistance

Being you

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