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    What's Happenin' On theO #2

Second update! Thanks to everyone who commented on the first update, it was great to see how many people were liking the idea of updates featuring what's happening around theO.

Some things happening now:

Brainstorming with all members about what we can do for a community project: Read more and comment!!

Enkichan posted a Guilty Crown AMV, which she made herself.

In case you looking for some more poll fun, Keba Si Rota is making a Full Counter Anime Poll in her world.

Aryia is having another 'Comment Slam' event. It starts on May 11, but details are already being posted. It's an excellent way for members to become involved and more active...check it out!

Clueless101 is hosting an Art Raffle! You can win some of her lovely artworks by following the link.

Lovely Challenges. We have some pretty amazing and creative challenges happenin' on theO right now. If you're able, please consider giving one a try and get your creative cap(s) on! It's a great way to get back into it (I know, you've been trying for a while now ;D). So no reason not to now! Wallpapers | iPhone Wallpapers | Fan Art

Know something cool that's happening that's not mentioned?! Leave a comment with a link (if applicable) and it will be posted in the next round!

Also, where I am it is Mental Health Awareness week. I just wanted to post a little blub about this, because I think it's really important.

Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Canadians. What does this mean? It means that it will either directly or indirectly affect everyone at some point in their life. It is not a disease 'out there', it is very much present in our society. The only thing that's sad about this disease is that people are choosing to suffer alone rather than speak out and seek help. The burden of being branded as a person suffering from a mental illness is more painful than the mental illness itself. This isn't right, and the solution to ending the stigma is everyone's responsibility. ‪#‎GetLoud‬ ‪#‎Endthestigma‬ ‪#‎Mentalhealthawareness‬

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