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    What's Happenin' On theO

Hey guys!

We're trying out a new feature, suggested to us by KeybladeMewKasa! It's mostly focusing on interesting events happening around theO. These can include contests, RP events, and much more.

If you have an event happening, or know of someone who is hosting an event, please leave a comment in this post and we can feature it in similar posts in the future. We'll base how often we post depending on the input we get from fellow members, so comment away!

Some events happening right now:
KeybladMewKasa is hosting an RP game (deadline May 30): REAPER'S GAME

ElleXVI has started a world dedicated to helping others improve their artwork! It features anime eyes so far: Short Guides

ShyPrincess made a super sweet post on thanking everyone for their kind comments on her works - great job Otakus! Spread the love! <3

Kitabug69, in a few weeks time, will be celebrating over a decade on theO!! Congrats to her on this huge milestone! Celebrate!

Aryia makes some great and insightful points on happiness: Thoughts

Hi there friend!

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