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    Weekly Inspiration: Decalcomania?

Hello to all and welcome to the first installment of Weekly Inspiration!

Have you ever sat down, felt inspired to draw something and find yourself not having a clue what to do when you put pencil to paper? (Or stylus to tablet.) Well, we hate artist's block (The scribbly equivalent of writer's block) too and these posts are here to give you a hand by suggesting weekly themes, colour schemes and other fun things for you to try.

You can pick one or as many of the suggestions as you wish to bring back your artistic flair.

This Week

Word: Peace
Colour: Blue
Letter: H
Theme: Seaside



In future posts you will see a couple of pieces done by TheO members who tried out last weeks suggestions, so watch this space.


Why Not Try

For those of you who want to try something a little bit different, why not try this art style for a change of pace?

What you will need:

  • Paint (Any paint will do and you can also do this with water colour blocks instead of adding paint to the paper.)
  • Water
  • Paintbrush (Larger the better!)
  • Thick paper/Card
  • Black Sharpie pen or fineliner (Ballpoint can also be used if you don't have these)

Squidge as many colours as you want onto your paper in small quarter-sized blobs completely at random. Take your brush and load it with water and begin spreading the colour around, blending them into each other. Use more water to dilute the colour if you wish, just be careful not to wet the paper too much.

After you've finished take your pen and begin to draw as normal over the top. Instead of adding colour and shading, simply add the shading as dark black ink. This will give the image an awesome comic-book/ink painting style feel. You can also blend any ink work with a wet brush to give it more depth and to reduce the sharpness of the lines.

TIP: This can also be done digitally by using a mix of the airbrush tool and smudge tool!

Another method (Known as Decalcomania, or a variation of at least) is to use acetate sheets (You can cut up a plastic document pocket for this into two pieces if you don't have any acetate to hand), squidge on your paint and press together. Once pressed transfer this to your paper and outline each shape with a black pen. You can make some really cool, crazy pictures this way.

Here's a video of this method being used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe8AZM88RC4

Have fun and don't forget to link your works in the comments below for a chance to be featured in next weeks post!

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