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    Anime News of the Week (7/14 - 7/20)

Sailor Moon English Track Revealed

Anime distributor Viz Media has long been talking of a massive redub of the entire Sailor Moon anime franchise. This week, the official YouTube channel revealed three videos that confirm this promise. Featured in the videos are Stephanie Sheh as Usagi Tsukino, Michelle Ruff as Luna, Cindy Robinson as Queen Beryl, Todd Haberkorn as Jadeite, and Johnny Yong Bosch as Mamoru Chiba.


In a Q&A session with questions from their official Tumblr page, programming block Toonami announced a return to its roots. On August 16th, the block will premiere the iconic mecha series Gurren Lagann at 2AM ET/PT. This will mark the first time Toonami has aired the series. It will replace Blue Exorcist, which first aired back in February.

The Seventh Child?

Manga-ka Yoshiyuki Sadamoto recently ended an eighteen-year long manga adaptation of the anime classic Neon Genesis Evangelion. In true Evangelion fashion, however, he has a surprise up his sleeve. An exclusive chapter bundled with the limited edition final volume will feature a new character never seen before in the franchise. More information to come when the news breaks. Link

Live-Action Film Takes Flight

The long awaited film re-adaptation of the 1998 anime classic Kite has announced its days of release. The film premieres on DirecTV on August 28th and will see a theatrical and iTunes release on October 10th. The story follows Sawa, the daughter of a slain police officer who chooses to take revenge on her killers after she is orphaned in a time of national fiscal crisis.

Hollywood Goes 8-Bit

In other film news, call it the strangest video game adaptation ever conceived, but it’s true. Akiva Goldsman (Winter’s Tale) has been pitched to produce an adaptation of the 1980s video game classic Space Invaders. Developed by Tomohiro Nishikado and released by Taito Corporation, the game is cited as one of the first shooters ever and led to a massive spike in sales for the Atari 2600. Link

The Age of The Moon

On July 20th, the world celebrated forty-five years of lunar exploration and the first moon landing of Apollo 11. Of the many tributes, perhaps the coolest came from Japan. With the first Space Brothers film fast approaching, the anime took time to pay tribute to the iconic phrases that astronauts have uttered upon hitting the surface.

Lawsuit Targets Fake Anime Merch

A report by anime distributor Great Eastern Entertainment has revealed a suit filed against the Maryland based store VK338 LLC. According to the suit, store manager Amanda Naeemi and ten unnamed defendants are accused of several charges surrounding fake merchandise at the convention Anime Central, specifically a fabricated Kirito doll from Sword Art Online. A jury trial been requested. Link

Disney Blows Over Blu-Ray Sales

Japan has fallen in love with the film Frozen. This is a fact that was only bolstered by recent Blu-Ray sales. In its first day, the film smashed three records in the categories of first day sales, first week sales, and all-time cumulative sales with 661,00 copies. These were categories previously held by the Evangelion Rebuild film series. It now stands as the third highest grossing film in Japanese history. Link

The Months Are Short

Shogakukan’s Monthly Ikki magazine has suspended publication after fourteen years of service. For those years, the publication was devoted to releasing innovative manga titles as a spinoff to Big Comic Spirits. Such works included Bokurano: Ours, Rideback, House of Five Leaves, Sunny, and I’ll Give It My All…Tomorrow. Link

From Zet to Zed

Young Jump magazine announced the last chapter of Act 1 in Masakazu Katsura’s series Zetman. The manga originated as a one-shot back in 1994, but become a full series in 2002. The story told of Jin, a homeless child with the alternate identity of ZET, a superhuman life form. Link

The Queens of Horror Are Back

For six years, the world has awaited a new installment in the legendary horror franchise Fatal Frame. Luckily, the first trailer has been revealed for Fatal Frame: The Wet Crow Shrine Maiden. The game puts you in the shoes of Yuri Kozukata, a girl born with a connection to the spirit world. Your job is to free people from their ghostly kidnappers while avoiding a watery grave.

Japanese Icon From Eighty Years Ago

The Glico Running Man neon sign of Dotonburi, Osaka is a landmark that all Japanese people recognize. Now, everyone may experience it from the year 1937, with the rediscovery of a long forgotten video. Two years after the invention of amateur colored film, art patron Hajime Ikenaga taped the sign. The video was discovered after Ezaki Glico Co. planned to switch from the traditional neon to cost-effective LEDs.

Sports Manga-ka Lands Dream Job

Wataru Watanabe, creator of the bicycling manga Yowamushi Pedal, found himself at cycling’s mecca on July 14th. He commentated alongside Minoru Nagata and Osamu Kirumura at the Tour de France’s tenth stage of competition, Mulhouse - La Planches des Belles Filles. The broadcast lasted five and a half hours, but Watanabe wrote he committed rapt attention the entire time. LInk

RIP Katie Schroeder

DVD designer/website designer Katie “Pelianth” Schroeder passed away on July 17th from complications stemming from cancer. She was in her 30s. Throughout the 2000s, Schroeder designed marketing campaigns for several anime, including The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Her concepts of Easter eggs and coded messages on the show’s website led to a greater exposure for the iconic series. Link

Anime Premieres

  • Bladedance of Elementalers (Crunchyroll)
  • Miranai Diva

Anime Releases

  • Kill la Kill - Part 1 DVD/Blu-Ray (English)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: Beginnings - Film DVD (English)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 2: Eternal - Film DVD (English)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Complete Set (DVD)
  • anohana: The Flowers We Saw That Day - Film Collector's Edition DVD/Blu-Ray (Japanese)
  • Mononoke - Complete Collection DVD (Japanese)
  • To Love Ru Darkness - Part 1 DVD/Blu-Ray (Japanese)

Manga Releases

  • Battle Angel Alita: Last Order [Omnibus] Volume 4
  • Blood Lad Volume 5
  • Inu X Boku SS Volume 4
  • No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! Volume 4
  • Omamori Himari Volume 12
  • Pandora Hearts Volume 2
  • Soul Eater Volume 21
  • Soul Eater Not! Volume 3
  • Umineko When They Cry Episode 4: Alliance of the Gold Witch Vol. 1 Volume 7

Video Game Releases

  • Freedom Planet (PC) (USA/EU)
  • OddWorld New 'n' Tasty (PS3/PS4/VITA) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Unrest (PC) (USA/EU/AUS)

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