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    Anime News of the Week (3/31 - 4/6)

The History of the Master

Amazon has begun listing The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki, a 13-disc set featuring the director’s greatest films. Included are the films that Miyazaki directed, his directorial debut Yuki’s Sun, episodes of 1972’s Akado Suzunosuke that he storyboarded, the music video for “On Your Mark,” and the unedited 90-minute press conference for his retirement. The set costs roughly 100 U.S. Dollars. Link

Titans on the Big Screen

As Attack on Titan continues to dominate both the anime and manga market, the film industry seems to be the next logical step. Alongside the planned live-action work, two compilation films have been announced. Part I: Guren no Yumiya and Part II: Jiyū no Tsubasa are set to be released this winter and next year respectively. Link

The Children of the Future

The YouTube channel for MaiDiGi began streaming the first teaser trailer for Mekakucity Actors, Studio SHAFT’s newest work. The story follows Shintaro Kisaragi, a NEET who, after two years of isolation, happens upon a girl living in his computer. The two leave his home and stumble upon the Blindfold Group, a group of exceptional children who are being hunted to extinction. The series premieres April 12th.

Karneval Dub Cast Announced

FUNimation has announced the cast for 2013’s action thriller Karneval. The cast includes Greg Ayres, Sean Michael Teague, Jad Saxton, J. Michael Tatum, and the long-awaited reunion of Aaron Dismuke and Vic Mignogna. The show follows two children embittered in a government scandal and the defense organization they turn to for aid. The series hits shelves June 10th.

Date a Live Dub Cast Announced

FUNimation has announced the cast for 2013’s romance comedy Date a Live. The cast includes Michelle Rojas, Josh Grelle, Brynn Apprill, Michelle Lee, and Alexis Tipton. The series follows a boy named Shidoh on a mission to stop a series of natural disaster known as spatial quakes from occurring, which are caused by alien invaders. The series also hits shelves June 10th.

Curse of the Anatomy Model

Mont Blanc Pictures began streaming an English sub trailer for the to be determined release of Hitoshi Takekiyo’s directorial debut, After School Midnighters. The CG horror slapstick film follows three schoolgirls exploring the rumors behind St. Claire’s Academy. Upon examination, they meet Kunstlijk and Goth, cursed beings forced into servitude. The film was in the running for the Academy Award but did not make the final cut of nominations.

Magical Girl Series Turns 10

While Sailor Moon turns 20 with pomp and circumstance, the Pre Cure franchise marked ten years of anime with special messages from the characters. The characters thank for the continued support and a promise for more magical girl goodness. It even stretches back to Cure Black, star of the original Pretty Cure.

Noitamina 10th Anniversary Fan Vote Announced

In honor of the ten-year anniversary of Noitamina, a Japanese late night anime block, fans voted on honors to bestow upon the anime of the block. They are as followed:

• Ms. Noitamina – Akane Tsunemori – Psycho-Pass
• Mr. Noitamina – Shinya Kogami – Psycho-Pass
• Scene That Pulled Your Heartstrings – “The Marry Me Scene” – Anohana
• Most Memorable Music – Kids on the Slope
• Most Shocking Scene – “The Menma Scene” – Anohana
• Most Memorable Line – “My power to the king!!” – Guilty Crown
• Best Episode – Episode 11 – Psycho-Pass
• Best Role by Takahiro Sakurai – Shogo Makashima – Psycho-Pass

Film Series Funding Cut

The Anime Mirai film series has lost the funding and support from the Japanese government for the 2015 fiscal year. The film series was created to jumpstart the careers of new animators via established production companies. Nevertheless, the series intends to go on via funding from the Japan Animation Creators Association, who created the series in 2011. Link

Fujisawa Gets Back in the Saddle

Tohru Fujisawa (GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka) has announced his newest manga. Eyami no Kami follows Ryū Sōunji, a down-on-his-luck teenager who stirs up more trouble when he comes face to face with the physical manifestation of a god. Fujisawa has promised he will continue his current projects, including Kamen Teacher Black and Tokko Zero. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-04-05/gto-tohru-fujisawa-writes-eyami-no-kami-manga

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Manga-ka Shūzō Oshimi has announced that the final chapter of The Flowers of Evil will be released next month. The series began in 2009 and was adapted into an anime last year. The series followed schoolboy Takao Kasuga, as he struggled to cope with the suppressive nature of his suburban community and a twisted love triangle born from misguided lust. Link

Get Ready for Next Gen Karting

The one announcement that has the video game abuzz is footage from the upcoming Mario Kart 8. Toted as the best looking Nintendo title for the Wii U, the footage shows classic tracks like Mario Circuit and Rainbow Road and new features such as high definition graphics, anti-gravity and the boomerang weapon. The game launches May 30th.

Ground Zero: France

Metal Gear Solid character design artist Yoji Shinkawa announced the opening of an art exhibit featuring his work in France. The touring series will feature an auction of twelve pieces, each of which comes with a certificate of authenticity from Shinkawa and series developer Hideo Kojima. Link

As Big As The Macross

For those in Japan around May 4, the Shotaro Ishinimori Manga Museum in Miyagi is providing a very unique theatrical experience. As part of their temporary Macross exhibit, the film Macross: Do You Remember Love? will be projected onto the exterior of the museum on May 4. The event is free and starts around 6:30PM JST. The exhibit runs until July 6. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2014-04-04/shotaro-ishinomori-manga-museum-to-host-outdoor-screening-of-1st-macross-movie

Tour de France, Eat Your Heart Out

On the wings of incredible support, the cycling anime Yowamushi Pedal has officially made it to the world of circuit racing. The 39th Challenge Road Cycling Race will feature the two-part Yowamushi Cup for the first time. On April 6th and 20th, racers will compete in the Izu Stage and Chiba Stage respectively, following similar courses that the characters take in the anime. The event will also include prizes, cosplay contests, and photo opportunities. Link

Anime Premieres (Spring Season!)

Note: Anime are listed with primary available streaming service

  • Abarenbō Rikishi!! Matsutarō (Crunchyroll)
  • Baby Steps (Crunchyroll)
  • Blade and Soul (Crunchyroll)
  • Brynhildr in the Darkness (Crunchyroll)
  • Captain Earth (Crunchyroll)
  • Daimidaler the Sound Robot (Anime-on-Demand)
  • Dragonar Academy (FUNimation)
  • Fairy Tail (Crunchyroll)
  • Gigant Shoot Tsukasa
  • Haikyu!! (Crunchyroll)
  • irregular at magic high school (Crunchyroll)
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (Crunchyroll)
  • Kamigami no Asobi (Crunchyroll)
  • Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara
  • Kindaichi Case Files Returns (Crunchyroll)
  • KutsuDaru. (NHK)
  • La Corda d’Oro Blue Sky (Crunchyroll)
  • Lady Jewelpet (TV Tokyo)
  • Love Live! School idol project (Crunchyroll)
  • Majin Bone (Crunchyroll)
  • Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers (TV Tokyo)
  • Mushi-shi: The Second Chapter (Crunchyroll)
  • One Week Friends (Crunchyroll)
  • Pretty Rhythm All-Stars Selection
  • Riddle Story of Devil (Anime-on-Demand)
  • Selector Infected Wixoss (BS11)
  • Tenkai Knights (Cartoon Network)
  • The Kawaii Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviors (BS-TBS)
  • World is Still Beautiful (Crunchyroll)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V (TV Tokyo)

Anime Releases

  • Evangelion 3.22: You Can (Not) Redo - Film DVD/Blu-Ray (UK Release)
  • Sword Art Online - Part 4 DVD/Blu-Ray (UK Release)

Manga Releases

  • Bleach Volume 60
  • Dictatorial Grimoire - Red Riding Hood Volume 3
  • Dragon Ball - Saiyan Arc [Full Color] Volume 2
  • Hana-Kimi [Omnibus] Volume 8
  • Happy Marriage!? Volume 5
  • Hunter X Hunter Volume 32
  • Library Wars: Love and War Volume 11
  • Naruto Volume 65
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Volume 20
  • Pokémon: Black and White Volume 15
  • Strike Witches: Madness in the Sky Volume 2
  • Sunny Volume 3
  • Toriko Volume 21
  • Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Volume 4

Video Game Releases

  • Age of Wonders (PC) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate: Deluxe Edition (360/WIIU/PC) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Goat Simulator (PC) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Halo: Spartan Assault (PC) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Mercenary Kings (PS4) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Ragnarok Odyssey Ace (PS3/VITA) (USA)
  • The Elder Scrolls Online (PC) (USA/EU/AUS/JPN)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance (PC) (USA/EU/AUS)

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