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    Anime News of the Week (2/24 - 3/2)

“The Human Whose Name Is Written… Shall Die”

In 2003, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata unleashed a series of epic proportions that forever changed the face of manga and anime. Now, an official Facebook page has announced an official 10th anniversary project related to Death Note. With it comes a question. How do you resurrect a man who has died? Link

Frozen, Mr. Hublot Win Academy Animated Awards

Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises and Shuhei Morita’s Possessions were nominated in the Academy categories for Best Animated Film and Best Animated Short this year. Both left with no awards. Walt Disney Animation Studios won their first Academy Award for Frozen and Luxembourg's Mr. Hublot became the dark horse winner for Animated Short. Link

Academy Nominee Almost Never Happened

Despite the loss in both categories, it could have been worse. As revealed by producer Toshio Suzuki at a screening of the Best Animated Film nominees, The Wind Rises was not Miyazaki’s first choice for his last film. Shockingly, the director wanted to create his first sequel in Ponyo Part II. Link

8th Annual Seiyū Awards Announced

The Seiyū Awards honor Japanese voice actors who excelled the previous year in their art. The big winners were Yuuki Kaji as Best Actor and Rina Satou as Best Actress. Other winners are listed within the link. Link

Jubei Returns After Twenty Years

As announced by Studio Madhouse, plans have resumed to create a sequel to the 1993 anime classic Ninja Scroll. Amidst script revisions and the completion of storyboarding, the 3-part film is tentatively titled Ninja Scroll Burst. Below is the teaser trailer for the work, released in 2013.

The Tall Tail Returns

The hiatus of Fairy Tail officially has an end date. On April 5, the show will return from a year-long absence. The series ended with a “To Be Continued” announcement, with creator Hiro Mashima assuring fans it was not the end.

Arakawa Medieval Manga Gets English Release

Distributor Right Stuf has won the rights to distribute The Heroic Legend of Arslan by Hiromu Arakawa (Full Metal Alchemist, Silver Spoon). The manga is based on the ongoing novel series by Yoshiki Tanaka (Legend of the Galactic Heroes), which began in 1991 and inspired two anime films, a Chisato Nakamura manga, and a four part OVA. Expect the manga in July. Link

The Summer Fashion Catalogue

Mangaka Akiko Higashimura has returned from a short hiatus to announce two new projects. First is a new series called Tokyo “What If” Girls, a trio of stories following women in their thirties living during the Tokyo Olympics. Also announced is the return of her highly acclaimed Princess Jellyfish, which was on hiatus since January. Link

Toonami Classic Pulled From Schedule

As reported through the programming block’s Tumblr account, Sunrise and NNS have revoked the rights to air InuYasha in North America. It is not yet determined what will replace the show, which has run on Toonami for six years since 2002. Link

Gaming History Arrives in America

In 1992, Atlus released the very first Shin Megami Tensei game for the Super Famicom system. This March, the legendary genesis of demonic creatures finally arrives in America for iOS on the App Store.

The Mecha Moneymaker Is Back

Namco Bandai has officially announced the title 3rd Super Robot Wars Z, the next in the long-running video game franchise Super Robot Wars. The epic thirteen-minute trailer highlights some of mecha’s all time greats, including Gundam, The Big O, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Gurren Lagann. The game will be released April 24.

For Every Hero, There is A Villain

In other mecha news, there is a new foe for the Odaiba 1 to 1 size Gundam. The Nasu Amusement Park just north of Tokyo has unveiled a life-sized Zaku as part of their Bandai Character Toy Museum. The exhibit also has a 1/1 Zaku cockpit, four 1/10 scale Gundams, and a trivia game to test your knowledge of the franchise. Link

Art Book Delayed Due To Artist’s Health

Illustrator Kantoku’s work The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat was set to release its eighth novel and art book March 25. However, due to a sudden hospital stay on his part, this date has been pushed another month to April 25. HENNEKO, as fans know it, began in 2010 and inspired a 2013 anime series. Link

Flip The Switch

The April issue of Comic Sum Zero announced the end of the manga Switch, created by Otoh Saki and Tomomi Nakamura under the name naked ape. The series followed a genius who, upon being admitted into a military academy, finds himself being led down a path of speculation and government secrets. Link

A Murder Is Announced

With a heavy heart, manga creator Shinobu Ohtaka announced that a number of characters in her current work Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic are to be killed off in coming chapters. Who and how many has yet to be determined. Ohtaka also announced that the series is at the halfway mark, and is beginning to wrap up. Link

The Day The Titans Attack

We now know when humanity shall witness the rise of the Titans. April 10, 12, and 13 will see a lightshow at Kanagawa Lazona Kawasaki Plaza featuring characters from Attack on Titan. Included is a full-scale projection of the Colossal Titan. Link

Hatsune Miku Begins World Tour

As part of a worldwide comeback initiative, Vocaloid and Yamaha have kicked off the Hatusne Miku Expo, an international initiative to bring the idol to the masses. The first city to receive the treatment is Jakarta, Indonesia.

Anime Premieres

  • Chronus (film)
  • Harmonie (film)
  • Mōretsu Pirates (film)
  • Paroru's Island (film)

Anime Releases

  • Appleseed XIII: Tartaros & Ouranos Film DVD (English)
  • K Complete Collection DVD (English)
  • Lily C.A.T. Film DVD (English)
  • Mighty Space Miners Film DVD (English)
  • Blast of Tempest - Complete Second Season DVD (Japanese)
  • Dallos - Complete OVA Series (Japanese)
  • Di Gi Charat: Winter Garden Film DVD (Japanese)
  • Love, Election, and Chocolate Complete Collection DVD/Blu-Ray (Japanese)
  • Star Blazers 2199 Film DVD (Japanese)

Manga Releases

  • Fairy Tail Volume 35

Video Game Releases

  • Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry (PC) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 (PS3/360) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Basement Crawl (PS4) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Gunslugs (VITA) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Metal Slug 3 (PC) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (360/ONE) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Rayman Legends (PS4/ONE) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Renegade X (PC) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Resident Evil 4: Ultimate Edition (PC) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Thief (PS3/PS4/360/ONE/PC) (USA/EU/AUS)

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