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    Otaku Democracy: Vote For Your Favorite Quiz Design

Recently, we've begun experimenting with the best way to design personality quizzes. We came up with two new ideas for a total of three options, including the classic "all questions on one page" structure that you're used to.

We would like to humbly request your help. Please review the three options below (pick the order you try them randomly please) and give us your feedback.

Note that none of the quizzes let you submit anything and the design is rough for all three options. This is more about overall structure and style than details.

Please comment with:
(1) Your ranking of the three options (use the code names)
(2) Any notes about why you ranked them this way
(3) Any other relevant notes, like if you had any other ideas about structure (say a website you like has a great quiz format)

The options:
Code Name: Focus
Code Name: Accordion
Code Name: Classic

Thanks for your help!

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