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    Anime News of the Week (12/16 - 12/22)

Meet The Newest Vocaloid

The character Macne Nana has become the newest official Vocaloid package. This marks a new age in the vocal system, as Nana becomes the first mascot to premiere on the Mac. The first two demo songs, “Deck the Halls” and “Sakura Sakura,” have been released on Soundcloud. Link

Sword Art Online Special Teased

The website for Aniplex USA teased a trailer for the upcoming special, Sword Art Online: Extra Edition. The two-hour event details two years after the SAO Crisis, as the cast reunites to grant the character of Yui one wish. Meanwhile, Kirito reveals a series of talks he has had with a mystery person. The episode premieres December 31st.

Psycho-Pass Dub Cast Revealed

With the final inclusion of Stephanie Young, FUNimation has announced the full English cast for 2012’s title Psycho-Pass. The psychological action series includes Lydia Mackay, Lindsay Seidel, Jason Douglas and Josh Grelle. The series has yet to receive a release date.

Maria Holic Dub Cast Announced

Sentai Filmworks has announced the dub cast for 2008’s comedy series Maria Holic. The cast will include Monica Rial, Caitlynn French and Jessica Calvello. The series has a release date of January 28. Link

Pokémon XY Comes Stateside

If the heading was confusing, don’t worry; it’s only the anime. The 18th series in the long running anime premieres on Cartoon Network on January 18th. In addition, the channel will premiere a remastered version of Pokémon: The First Movie on January 4th.

DVD/Blu-Ray Release of Smash Includes Lost Episode

After an explosive ending, Kill la Kill left fans wanting more. To sate fans until next season, it has been announced that Volume 9 of the series will include not only Episode 24, but also an unaired Episode 13. You’ll will have to wait a good while though, as the release of Volume 9 will occur on September 3, 2014. Link

Watermark After Twelve Year Syndication

Riding the wave of support from the rebirth of Toonami and the continued push for original content, programming block Adult Swim announced that viewership soared to an all-time high in 2013. Link

Detective Honored With Transportation Hub

Gosho Aoyama can notch another honor in his belt thanks to his classic manga. The train station of his hometown of Hokuei was renamed Conan Station after his iconic character of Detective Conan in an elaborate ceremony. The station will provide tourism ideas and Conan merchandise.

Prefecture Honors “Tankery” Series

In the annual Ibaraki Awards Festival, Ibaraki Prefecture honors cultural icons that helped their image in the past year. This year, an award went to the anime Girls und Panzer for helping to create the Garupan Project of Oarai City. The annual festival honoring the series has been celebrated twice prior and has drawn tourists and media attention.

Anime Releases

  • Blue Exorcist The Movie DVD (English)
  • Sword Art Online - Part 1 DVD/Blu-Ray (UK Release)
  • Di Gi Charat - The Complete OVA Series (Japanese)
  • Oreshura - Complete Collection DVD (Japanese)
  • The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Collection 1 DVD/Blu-Ray (Japanese)
  • Vividred Operation - Complete Collection DVD (Japanese)

Manga Releases

  • Are You Alice? Volume 3
  • Bloddy Cross Volume 1
  • Dorohedoro Volume 11
  • Pandora Hearts Volume 19
  • Sankarea: Undying Love Volume 4
  • Summer Wars Volume 2
  • Sunshine Sketch Volume 7
  • The Melancholy of Haurhi Suzumiya Volume 17
  • Until Death Do Us Part Volume 5

Video Games Releases

  • 3D After Burner II (3DS) (USA)
  • Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy (3DS) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Cut The Rope 2 (IP) (USA/EU)
  • Diabolik Lovers: Limited V Edition (VITA) (JPN)
  • Genkijouban Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram (VITA) (JPN)
  • Lovely Prika (PC) (JPN)
  • Nikumesu R30 (PC) (JPN)
  • Oshaberi Usagi: Mecha Kawa Oshare Collection (3DS) (JPN)
  • Sekai to Sekai no Mannaka de (PC) (JPN)
  • Sengoku + Koihime: Otome Kenran * Sengoku Emaki (PC) (JPN)
  • Shin Gundam Musou (PS3/VITA) (JPN)
  • Shooting Love Collection (360) (JPN)
  • Sky Boom Boom (IP) (USA)
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two (PS3/360/PC/MAC/IP) (USA/EU)
  • Tsuyo Kiss Next (PC) (JPN)

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