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    Anime News of the Week (11/11 - 11/17)

Celebrated Manga Reaches 45th Anniversary

Takao Saito’s Golgo 13 is currently the oldest manga in publication with 170 volumes in circulation. To honor the 45-year milestone, magazine Big Comic is running a special edition featuring art from 51 different artists and their interpretations of main character Duke Togo. Link

Toonami Goes to the Movies

January will mark Toonami’s world premiere of Space Dandy and channel premiere of Naruto Shippūden. Before that happens, it’s serving up another movie month. All throughout December, Cartoon Network will premiere an anime film every week, beginning with the legendary Akira in honor of the film’s 25th anniversary. Link

From the Lowliest of Dirt Huts

In only two years, one unique project led a cultural and artistic revolution, and forever changed how video games are made. 2 Player Productions presents Minecraft: The Story of Mojang. (Film contains mild language.)

Ghibli Documentary Releases New Trailer

A new trailer for Kingdom of Dreams of Madness, a documentary about Hayao Miyazaki’s final months with Studio Ghibli, has been released. It highlights the daily routines of members within the company. The film, directed by Mami Sunada (Ending Note: Death of A Japanese Salary), is out in Japan and premieres in the United States on February 21.

Another Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Digital manga supplier Manga Reborn has reached their $6,000 dollar goal, which supplies the website with eleven new manga. The titles have never been translated into English and have since fallen into obscurity. Included acquisitions include Sato Shuho’s Give My Regards to Black Jack and Satonaka Machiko’s The Old Testament. Link

Malicious Suspect Caught on Camera

Police in Osaka believe they are one step closer to apprehending a male adult wanted in a string of chemical attacks related to the manga Kuroko’s Basketball. An announcement has been made that they have the prime suspect on camera. The attacks started October 2012 and have marred the series’ reputation considerably. Link

DWMA Class Reunion

Voice actress Chiaki Omigawa, known for her role as Maka Albarn in Soul Eater, confirmed a new project for the popular shōnen title. The shōjo spin-off manga Soul Eater Not! will receive its own anime adaptation. Soul Eater Not! premiered in 2011 and has since continued to follow the conclusion of Soul Eater in August after a temporary hiatus. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-11-14/maka-voice-actress-omigawa-confirms-soul-eater-not-anime-adaptation

Magi Announces More Voices

Though Aniplex first announced the main English cast for Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic back in September, they’re back with more names for the supporting cast. Within the roster is the mentioning of Vic Mignogna and video game/Internet voice actress Kira Buckland in the roles of Kobun Ka and Kougyoku Ren.

The Wind Rises Mentioned For Golden Globes

In the list of possible Golden Globe Award nominees for Best Foreign Language Film, Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises and Hirokazu Kore-Eda’s Like Father, Like Son are representing Japan. Both have done well in the awards circuit, though they face stiff competition from France, who has Palme d’Or winner Blue Is the Warmest Colour and the only other animated feature in the category, Ernest and Celestine. Link

Could Stands Become A Reality?

At Tohoku University in Tokyo, researchers performed an experiment regarding augmented and substituted reality. The test subject was none other than Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure creator Hirohiko Araki. The experiment is likened to the manga’s creature, the Stand, in that it uses pre-recorded dialogue to simulate an actual conversation. Link

What Does 718 Pokémon Sound Like?

If you watched anime during the late 90s, chances are you heard "PokéRap." The song was known for rattling off the first 150 Pokémon during the show’s credits so fans could remember the names. Now, CollegeHumor presents a nine-minute song that looks to update the rap for modern times. Needless to say, it's downright cruel to the singer.

Anime Releases

  • Akira - 25th Anniversary Edition Film DVD (English)
  • Nakaimo - My Little Sister Is Among Them! Complete Collection DVD/Blu-Ray (English)
  • Yumeria - Complete Collection DVD (English)

Manga Releases

  • 07-Ghost Volume 7
  • Blue Morning Volume 3
  • Cage of Eden Volume 12
  • From the New World Volume 1
  • Fullmetal Alchemist [Omnibus] Volume 6
  • InuYasha [VIZBIG Edition] Volume 17
  • Lone Wolf and Cub [Omnibus] Volume 3
  • RIN-NE Volume 13
  • Spiritual Police Volume 1
  • The Incredible Volume 1

Video Game Releases

  • Contrast (360/PS3/PC) (USA/EU/AUS)
  • Deadfall Adventures (PC) (USA/EU)
  • MX vs ATV Reflex (360/PS3/PC/PSP/3DS) (USA)
  • Ys: Memories of Celceta - Silver Anniversary Edition (PSP) (USA)

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