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    theO Update: iPhone Wallpapers Resolution Change

Last year, Apple switched all their iPhones and iPod Touches to a new resolution (from a height of 960 pixels to 1136 pixels). Now that many of you have these new devices, we're changing our iPhone wallpaper size requirements to the new height. Here's a quick FAQ:

Can I still submit iPhone wallpapers with a height of 960 pixels?

Nope! Please use the new size.

What happens when I edit an existing iPhone wallpaper?

You can edit any of your iPhone wallpapers but you have to change the height to 1136 pixels when you do. Trying to edit an iPhone wallpaper but keeping the same height will tell you that the size is wrong.

Can I download templates for the new iPhone resolution?

Not yet but we hope to add them soon.

When will you add Android wallpapers?

There are too many Android phones! It would be a huge pain to support a million different sizes.

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