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    Discuss & Win a Prize: Secret Anime Fan?

Great news! Rise of Mythos, the new RPG that you can play free in your web browser, has generously sponsored prizes for all this month's discussion questions. You can check the game out right here. Today's prize is a free theO premium 1-year membership, awarded to one lucky commenter.

While many outsiders assume that anime fans all look and act the same, the truth is that there's great diversity among otaku. What's exciting about this is that you'll meet many people in your lives who'll surprise you with their hidden fandom side. You'll think that museum curator is stuck up, until, through sheer serendipity, you find out she grew up on Sailor Moon. Then you two'll be best buds.

This week's discussion question: Have you ever met someone who you were shocked to learn was an anime fan?

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