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    Anime News of the Week (7/22 - 7/28)

Hatsune Miku, Now in English

Hatsune Miku's YouTube channel launched the first official English track, created by artist BSC. The demo is titled "Coming Together."

The War Rages On

The second trailer for the new OVA Code Geass: Akito the Exiled has been posted. The third animation in the Code Geass franchise, it follows an elite force of Britannian soldiers named the Wyvern Knightmare Corps, who are thrown into the frontlines during the invasion of the Euro Universe by the Holy Britannia Empire.

Miyazaki Pens Pacifistic Proclamation

Legendary director Hayao Miyazaki released an essay venting his rage against the Japanese government. His charged words were aimed at their denial or lack of knowledge regarding the history of WWII-era Japan. Link

The Wind Flies To Venice

In happier Miyazaki news, his film Kaze Tanichu will compete in the 70th Venice International Film Festival in the Premiere Category. This will mark the film's first international premiere outside of Japan. Also in the Premiere category are four American movies. Link

SAO Finds A Home

2012’s biggest title was Sword Art Online. It needed a haven for its English premiere and Toonami was happy to oblige. The English premiere of SAO took place on July 28, 2:00 EST, sandwiched between the popular titles of Soul Eater and IGPX.

Racing Franchise Starts A Victory Lap

For eighteen years, the Initial D franchise, created by Shūichi Shigeno, gave fans a look into the world of Japanese illegal street racing. Now that the official manga is coming to an end, a second film and eighth anime series are in the works. Both will cover the last chapters of the series. Link

Blood Illustrator Draws Mecha Poster

Director Guillermo del Toro personally asked Katsuya Terada, illustrator for the Blood: The Last Vampire manga, to draw the Japanese poster for Pacific Rim. He did just that. An unofficial poster by Yoji Shinkawa, of Metal Gear Solid fame, made the rounds earlier. Link

A Late Blooming Release

The 2013 Anime Season has thus given us many great titles, one of which has garnered equal parts praise and controversy. That anime is The Flowers of Evil, which will release a little behind schedule in the US on August 21st for DVD and Blu-Ray. Link

The Death of a Ghost

Yuki Amemeiya and Yukino Ichihara have announced that the manga 07-Ghost will end in the October issue of the magazine Zero-Sum. The story follows Teito, an orphan who enrolls in a military academy. Upon fleeing from the school, he is caught in a war between the forces of Death and Heaven. Link

This Manga’s Number Is Up

The magazine ARIA has announced the final arc in Hinoki Kino and Atsuko Asano’s manga No. 6. The inspiration behind the 2011 anime of the same name, No. 6 is the tale of Shion and Nezumi, two men who, wanted by the law, attempt to uncover the secrets of the mysterious district of City Number 6. Link

RIP Ryutaro Nakamura

Ryutaro Nakamura, one of anime’s most prolific directors, passed away on June 29 from pancreatic cancer after months of hospitalization. He was 58. He is most famous for directing Serial Experiments Lain. Other titles he worked on include Sakura Wars, Ghost Hound and Kino’s Journey.

Anime Releases

  • Case Closed Seasons 1-5 Separate Box Set DVD (English)
  • One Piece Season 5 Part 1 DVD (English)
  • Phi-Brain: Puzzle of God: The Orpheus Order - Collection 1 DVD/Blu-Ray (English)
  • Robotech Movie Collection DVD (English)
  • Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars DVD (Japanese)
  • Super Robot Wars Original Generation DVD (Japanese)

Manga Releases

  • Black Butler Volume 14
  • Bloody Monday Volume 11
  • Doubt Volume 2
  • Gantz Volume 28
  • Is This A Zombie? Volume 5
  • K-ON!! College
  • Puella Magi Oriko Magica Volume 1
  • Soul Eater Volume 15
  • Until Death Do Us Part Volume 4

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