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    Anime News of the Week (7/15 - 7/21)

The Age of Spirits

At San Diego Comic Con, fans of the Avatar TV franchise were treated to the premiere of the Season 2 trailer for the celebrated "Western anime," Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Among the confirmed story lines are the origin of the Avatar lineage, the continued struggles of Future Industries, the revealing of Korra's extended family and the emergence of the villain Dark Spirit.

The Legacy of Ghibli

Music conglomerate EMI Japan uploaded a video clip of Yumi Matsutoya’s song “Airplane Cloud.” The song will be the main theme to Hayao Miyazaki’s film, Kaze Tanichu. The music video is a tribute to the Ghibli museum.

And Then There Were Two

The manga Bleach, known in the West as one of “The Big Three,” has announced a five-week hiatus as mangaka Tite Kubo prepares to create its final battle. For twelve years, Bleach was a driving force in the anime/manga world, alongside Naruto and One Piece, and gave many otaku their first taste of Japanese fiction. Link

First Look At Live Action Black Butler

The TV program Zip! previewed the first trailer of live action Black Butler, based on the manga by Yana Toboso. The film takes place 130 years after the original series, in a future where Britain and Japan have combined their cultures. The butler Sebastian, played by Hiro Mizushima, returns to haunt the newest Phantomhive leader who, despite being a woman, takes the reins under the guise of a man.

Tom Cruise Appears In Adaptation of Manga

A spokesperson from Warner Bros. has unveiled the first theatrical poster for Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise. The movie is based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s light novel, All You Need is Kill, which told the story of a super soldier sent to the frontlines, only to be killed and reborn the next day. Link

The Melancholy of Homura Akemi

The trailer for the film Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion has been posted. Based on the highly acclaimed anime, the third film in the planned trilogy continues where the anime ended, as Homura Akemi comes to terms with the grim fates of her friends.

Voice Actor Plays Cards Right

Voice actor Shunsuke Kazama, known for his role as Yugi Moto from Yu-Gi-Oh!, has announced his marriage to a woman outside the voice acting industry. Kazama is also known for the role of Shirō in From Up On Poppy Hill. Link

From Tragedy Comes Music

To the delight of fans throughout Japan, Zunko Tohoku will be made into a Vocaloid. Created in the wake of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake/tsunami, Zunko is a copyright-free character that advertised products that donated a portion of sales toward relief aid. Expect a 2013/2104 release. Link

My Little Franchise: Friendship is Manga

On the heels of the San Diego Comic Con My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic panel, Pucchigumi magazine makes a surprise announcement. The upcoming MLP:FiM manga now has a face behind it in mangaka Akira Himekawa, who is known for his work in the 2003 Astro Boy reboot manga and the Legend of Zelda manga series. Link

Anime Premieres

  • Yami Shibai

Anime Releases

  • Another - Complete Collection DVD/Blu-Ray (English)
  • Cowboy Bebop - Collector's Edition Part 1 Blu-Ray (English)
  • Samurai Pizza Cats - Complete Collection DVD (English)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: Beginnings/Eternal - [Import Edition] Blu/Ray (Japanese)

Manga Releases

  • 07-Ghost Volume 5
  • Gate 7 Volume 4
  • I'll Give It My Own...Tomorrow Volume 5
  • Limit Volume 6
  • Lone Wolf and Cub [Omnibus] Volume 1
  • Missions of Love Volume 4

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