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    Announcing theO's Chat Reunion Event This Sunday

Time flies by--too fast--and members drift apart. One loses interest in anime. Another joins Anonymous and frequents 4Chan (you know who you are). Such is life. But just like how high school and college rudely roped you into a reunion, we hope to do the same. Except you hated most of your high school and college classmates and you love ALL your fellow otaku. Right?? I'll play the part of that annoying alumnus who Facebook messages everyone to make sure they're coming.

Here's how it'll work…

Step 1. Drop by our chatroom's lobby anytime on Sunday, June 23rd. It's best if you just hang around all day and leave chat open in a tab.
There is no Step 2 (kind of like Sony's "how to trade a PS4 game" policy).

We might do something cool for everyone who visits. Maybe we'll record their names? Maybe there'll be a prize? Maybe they'll turn gold? You'll have to drop by to see!

Feel free to comment here if you're coming. (No RSVPs are required.)

Hi there friend!

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