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    theOtaku.com at Sakura-Con 2013: Let's Rock!

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As you know, theOtaku.com is hosting a member meetup at Sakura-Con in Seattle Washington this coming Easter long weekend. If any of you guys are coming out to Sakura-Con, it may be worth your while to pop by, say a few things to the camera, and leave with a trinket or two on behalf of us, theOtaku.com's hilarious and ridiculous community!

The meetup will take place on Saturday, March 30th at 12:00pm, and will be held at our usual space in the couch area near the Pike Street entrance to the convention center. Further information can be found at this post at our Conventionist World.

Sakura-Con is our site's longest-running annual meetup; we hope you can take part in it this year!

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