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    Community Spotlight: Cosplay Packs

Welcome to an experimental new feature on theO that showcases our favorite world posts from across the site.

Featured World:

Excel in Cipherland is colorful, happy and features fun cosplay packs.

Featured World Posts:

The cosplay pack trend has begun.

chocolatemud is excited to write her first book; she just needs an artist to join forces with her.

You can make nimbusoak happy with only three things. The second is kinda hard.

It would make Tsutsumi24's day if you re-made her OC characters.

SweeTea wants to know about your favorite Vocaloid song.

Dragoncia squeals more about the Hyrule Historia book.

Dranzerstorm continues making great lists. Peruse his top-10 picks for the best and worst modern cartoons.

How to be Featured:

We scan all incoming world posts using a secret sauce algorithm. If you write something you want us to pay extra attention to, tag it with the word "spotlight"

And if you think we missed an interesting world post this week, post it in the comments!

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