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    Discuss: Anime Matchmaking

Last year we asked you about your first anime crush. That was a great question and we wish we could infect you all with amnesia and re-use it again this year. Heck, with its staggering count of 160 comments, we'd repeat that nerve-striking post every week if we could get away with it. And then we'd buy the post chocolate and flowers to show our appreciation.

Let's talk about romance because reasons. Non-anime fans probably envision anime as equal parts violence and deviance. They have no idea how deeply romance pervades the genre. And it's not Schwarzenegger-movie or Super Mario romance, it's slow-buildup-on-and-off-again-mixed-signal romance. The most frustrating but addicting kind. Even in an action-packed show like Inuyasha, you'll spend a hundred episodes wondering who the title character will end up with. And while I generally enjoyed the show Kids on the Slope the "she loves me, she loves me not" angst made me thankful it was only 12 episodes. Make a decision, already!

This week's discussion question: If you were a matchmaker, what two characters--from different anime--would you pair together?

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