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    Community Spotlight: HIYAA!

Welcome to an experimental new feature on theO that showcases our favorite world posts from across the site.

Featured World Posts:

Dranzerstorm reviews Jewel BEM Hunter Lime, an obscure 90's anime. Is it as forgettable as its name?

ItachiSasuke will dedicate a work to anyone who comments.

Darkarax's birthday was on the same day as the Superbowl!

geekiechick rants about shojo relationships.

Even though kitabug doesn't like V-Day, she wishes you a happy one.

The Mask obsesses over different brands of American chocolate.

stararnold tells you what comics to read in February with a thorough run-down.

cutepresea thinks the box art for the PS3 game Tales of Xillia looks radioactive.

Zuzu Uchiha writes a fan fiction where different colored Links shout "HIYAA!" a lot.

How to be Featured:

We scan all incoming world posts using a secret sauce algorithm. If you write something you want us to pay extra attention to, tag it with the word "spotlight"

And if you think we missed an interesting world post this week, post it in the comments!

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