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    Community Spotlight: World Posts Galore

Welcome to an experimental new feature on theO that showcases our favorite world posts from across the site. We hope to make this into a weekly feature and might expand it to include other content as well, depending on how it's received.

Featured World Posts:

TimeChaser challenges you to read 50 books this year. So turn off that iPad and, er...turn it back on, because that's where all the reading-action is these days.

Karmira writes a lengthy fan fiction about Yu Yu Hakusho:

"Kurama believes he has found someone from his deep past but reveals little to Shizuru, Kuwabara, even Hiei. He stays away. However, when Hiei tells him that she is being watched by a group of demons that tend to evade his watches, Kurama struggles with the ghosts of a past he, as Youko, forced himself to forget and the unwanted appearance of Koenma. What happened to her memories?"

Dranzerstorm lists 10 great anime based on video games. More entertaining is the list of 10 awful anime based on video games.

skitty999 promises the world in return for comments: "For every comment that I get on this post, I will do one cute Pokemon thing of some description with the materials I have at my disposal..." So far only one comment.

ElfDuchess reviews the anime RahXephon. Find out what part of the anime she gave a 1/10.

Klassic is getting ready to celebrate 6 years on theO and has almost reached 700 wallpapers.

SweeTea secretly wants to write the weekly Discuss feature. She asks: what anime character would you be best friends with?

LaryngealNerve is as confused as a dalek driving itself into a wall.

How to be Featured:

We scan all incoming world posts using a secret sauce algorithm. If you write something you want us to pay extra attention to, tag it with the word "spotlight"

And if you think we missed an interesting world post this week, post it in the comments!

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