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    Discuss: Your Favorite Non-Manga Comic Book

Superior Spiderman is a new comic book reboot with a fascinating premise. Peter Parker, alter-ego of Spiderman, swaps bodies with his arch-nemesis, Doctor Octopus. Parker dies while Doc Oc, overwhelmed by Parker's noble memories and persistent subconscious, decides to pursue a more heroic path. He's still a megalomaniac, of course, and that's what makes the new series so intriguing.

Manga and comic books fans intersect like a venn diagram. There are plenty of one who hate the other and a healthy share who enjoy both. But this might only be a matter of exposure. I'm sure there's an Avenger for every manga fan and a Vegeta for every comic book reader.

This week's discussion question: What's your favorite comic book series?

(Bonus points if you can relate your choice to a manga.)

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