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    Comment Slam Final Hour Update: Major Boost

Just when Samus thought that she had destroyed the evil Mother Brain, it rose again with the body of a metallic T-Rex. Thick globules of drool fell at Samus' feet as Mother Brain howled an otherworldly scream. Again and again the creature's eyes fired a powerful rainbow laser that engulfed Samus and drained her energy. By all reasonable estimations, our heroic bounty hunter was doomed.

…Or was she?

Before Mother Brain could fire her finishing shot a friendly, oversized metroid flew onto the scene and clung to the dino-brain's skull. The metroid absorbed Mother Brain's rainbow life-force and turned her into a frozen, grey shell. The metroid then attached itself to Samus and filled the bounty hunter's depleted body with new energy. But oh, if only it could have been a little faster! Because Mother Brain emerged from its stasis and destroyed the heroic metroid.

Samus, now imbued with rainbow laser powers and filled with a thirst for vengeance, was ready to fight. Mother Brain didn't have a chance.

What does this story have to do with anything?

Well, fair otaku, with one hour left in our comment slam, your comments have also been granted rainbow power. For the next 60 minutes, every comment is ten times more powerful.

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