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    The Christmas theO Stood Still...

Yup, still no fanart to go with the post this year. But, tradition is tradition, and I'll be damned if I screw this one up any time soon!


* * * * * * * * * *

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the site,
Not a member was stirring,
Nor legend nor 'ite.

The chatroom was barren
With nary a word,
And the Worlds all revolved
With few posts to be heard.

And off in his office,
While scratching his stubble,
Was ol' Mister Adam
Lamenting the trouble.

The website, it seemed,
Had been quiet of late,
As members had found
All new blogs to create.

The old guard was off
Finding new paths to walk,
While others still seemed
To just vanish 'neath rocks.

The birds, they were tweeting,
The F__ Yeahs were tumbling,
The books were all facing
The greener grass grumbling.

And Adam, he walked
In his slippers and robe,
As thunderous thoughts
Threshed his temporal lobe.

The rooms were all empty,
The hallways all echoed,
Subscriptions had slowed
From where hundreds once followed.

A sad little king
On a sad little hill,
Adam the boss
had some spaces to fill.

But back in his den,
Adam leaned back and grinned
Once simple philosophy
upon his mind spinned.

He put up his feet
As he started to think,
While a fellow named Nimble
Brought Adam a drink.

Adam hummed as he sipped
on a cocktail most fine,
While voices of Kanno
Put him on cloud nine.

The fact of it was that
All children grow up,
As pony from colt
And as dog comes from pup.

Some good years were had,
They practiced their best,
For many, the time came
To take flight from the nest.

Like any good parent,
Adam did more
Than just open a website
For kids to explore.

Some friendships were forged
With intent to stay strong,
It was hard to imagine
That Adam did wrong.

So mind now at ease,
Adam fell in a heap
in his giant suede throne
And fell happ'ly to sleep...

...And curious yet,
Adam woke with a jump,
And ass-over-ankle
fell onto his rump.

A violent rapping
Upon the homepage
Had left Adam confused
And slightly of rage.

Off to the site
Adam marched in a storm,
To investigate noises
Most out of the norm...

And to his surprise,
What could it be?
Members, all ages,
As far as could see!

The newer otakuites
Rose from their sleeps,
And dashed to the front
To see all of these peeps!

Like brothers and sisters
All back for the break,
The sudden reunion
Was all Adam could take.

Everyone came in
For coffee and cake
Or tea, as it was
for some weirdos like Desbreko.

(Admittedly, tea
Is way more than okay,
But it would have been wrong
To not mention Des, eh?)

Fact of it is that
theO is a home
That will welcome us back
From wherever we roam.

It's as good a time now
Being Christmas and such,
So here be a poem
(Though of one, not much.)

But still, all the same,
From theO to you,
Happy holidays, all,
And a fine new year, too.

* * * * * * * * * *

Merry Christmas, boys and girls. I wish you all the best for this day and the many days to come. We've probably earned it.

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