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    Anime News of the Week (11/26-12/2)

With help from Kei and Hisaishi we look back at the major anime stories of the week.

Japan's Still Breaking the Fourth Wall For the Holidays (and a Good Cause)
An unidentified man left a care package containing backpacks and a DVD of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind at an orphanage in Tokushima. The package was signed “Colonel Muska”, who is the antagonist in Studio Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky. This is the latest in a string of anonymous donations dubbed the “Tiger Mask Movement” that began in 2010, where people leave gifts at Japanese orphanages under the names of anime characters. Source

It Doesn't Get Fresher Than This
YouTube has stepped up their distribution game by launching Anime Bancho, a channel dedicated to showcasing short films from experimental anime directors. There's only a preview video available at the time of writing, but it should be something to keep an eye on. Link

FUNi Gives the Lowdown On Paragon Creation in Short Film
FUNimation has uploaded a three-minute video onto their YouTube page detailing the process of Bioware and Production I.G.’s collaboration on the upcoming Mass Effect film, Paragon Lost, a prequel to the third installment of the popular video game franchise. The feature is set to hit shelves on 12/28. Link

Time For Vampire Knight To Rest In Peace
Lala Magazine has announced Vampire Knight will soon be entering its final arc in Japan. The series, which started in 2005, was serialized in Shoujo Beat magazine until that magazine's discontinuation in 2009. The final chapters of the series will run in LaLa's January issue. Source

Gundam Goes North Pole
The folks at Sunrise have placed holiday decorations on the life-sized Gundam that stands at Odaiba Island. The structure now comes complete with new lights, Zeon snowmen and a depiction of Santa Gundam. The yuletide update is likely to remain on display for the rest of the year. Check out the site for pictures galore. Link

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