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    Do You Wanna Write For theO?

Our main page has a couple cool, weekly features. SomeGuy's caption battles. Beth's promotion updates. Discuss posts. But we want more, more, MOAR! And that's where you come in.

First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I write reasonably well?
  • Can I commit to a weekly feature that will go live the same day every week?
  • Am I obsessive/know a lot about a particular topic that other people may be interested in?
  • Am I open to feedback/criticism and don't get defensive easily?
  • Am I otaku?

If you answered "hai!" over and over again, PM me (Adam) or comment here volunteering your services. Tell us your weekly feature idea. If we're interested you'll write a sample.

We'll also be reaching out to select members with our own ideas.

Our long-time staff member Kei will be managing this new and exciting initiative. Let's call it Project Fresh for now.

Hi there friend!

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