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    Discuss: Your Favorite Anime Animal Sidekick

Thanksgiving's official mascot is the turkey. Many anime have their own mascots, in the form of cutesy animal sidekicks. There's a penguin in Neon Genesis Evangelion, a monkey in Revolutionary Girl Utena and a squirrel in Inuyasha, to cite a few examples. These balls of fluff give you comic relief, give the humanoid characters a loyal companion and, cynically, give merchandisers a healthy profit driver. Best of all, unlike the turkey, they're hardly ever eaten.

Here's the week's timely discussion question (and I know the Thanksgiving link is a stretch): Who's your favorite anime animal sidekick?

PS: Bonus points if you can think of the animal sidekick that HAS been eaten.

PPS: "Anime animals" has a funny ring to it.

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