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    Policy Change: Pixiv in Wallpapers & eCards

Attention Wallpaper and eCard artists:

While the Japanese site Pixiv is a wonderful resource to discover great anime fan art, far too many of you have been using works there in your wallpapers and ecards. We understand why since high-quality fan art can look shockingly like published/official art, but this practice hurts the credibility and reputation of our community.

From today on, any new wallpaper or ecard submitted that includes a work from Pixiv will be removed. If you're 100% sure a work on Pixiv is published art and not fan art, you must include a link and note in the caption with your reasoning. Otherwise it's fair game for removal.

For all previous works, rather than delete entire portfolios with years of accumulated contents, we will be moving Pixiv works to the artist's draft section, where it's still save-able but much less public.

If you have any thoughts about this policy and how we can improve upon it please comment here.

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