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    Bug Hunting: Phantom PMs & More!

Our hard-working bug hunter is always on the prowl for new bugs to catch. It's not an easy job, since those sneaky little devils can hide in the most unexpected places, so please help point her in the right direction. If you discover any bugs on the site, comment here and hopefully we can address it by the next update! If your bug is verified/prioritized/caught, you'll get credit for the tip.

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New Catches:

✔ PHANTOM PMS - Phantom PMs have been wiped out, hopefully forever. A phantom PM is when the site tells you that you have a private message even when you don't. (Found by Blue Latte)

✔ WORLD BACKGROUND IMAGES - If you added and then removed a background image on your world, that image would stay viewable on post pages. (Found by Adam)

✔ WORLD TITLE LINK - Clicking the name of your world no longer goes to theO's main page. (Found by kitabug69)

Rumored Bugs:

Some members are reporting that our PM system isn't notifying them about new messages. We're having trouble tracking this down. If you receive a PM and still see "0", don't open the PM and instead comment here so we can investigate.

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