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    PNG Party Finale: Officer Fan Comics

Everyone hears the police car pull into Fan Art's driveway. Footsteps approach the front door and then a loud knock echoes inside.

Fan Art reaches for the doorknob, her hands shaking. "Oh gosh, my party is over before it even began" she thinks.

"Fan Art, stand back, the Queen shall care of this!" Wallpapers booms with her usual confidence.

"No, no…it's my party…I'll do it…"

"WAIT! I know!" eCards squeals. "Maybe we pretend no one's home! Don't answer! Everyone quiet!"

"THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!" iPhone and iPad Wallpapers yell in unison.

"What's a great idea?" says the voice behind the door. "Now quit stalling, this is the POLICE!"

Fan Art holds her breath and opens the door.

A scarred police officer stands outside, her arms crossed. She has curly red hair and steely blue eyes. "I am Officer Fan Comics…" she begins, "And WHY WASN'T I INVITED TO THE PNG PARTY?!?!?!?!!?!"

Everyone in the room falls to the floor.

And then the PNG party started, for realz.

Here's the deal: Fan Comics now supports PNG files (and also files up to 2 MB). Please report any bugs at all in the comments.

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