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    PNG Party IV: The Queen Arrives (Wallpapers)

As iPad Wallpapers rolls back and forth in pain, his knee badly hurt from his fall, the house begins to rumble. And then, like the fabled Kool-Aid Man, a figure bursts through the wall, leaving behind a massive hole.

"The queen has arrived" a booming voice bellows.

Everyone looks up in awe.

"Wallpapers…" Fan Art whimpers. "I didn't think…you'd come…"

Wallpapers snaps her fingers and the house's bricks reassemble themselves, leaving the broken wall good as new.

"Stand back!" she screams and places her hands on iPad Wallpapers' legs. She gives them a quick tug.

"Oof!" iPad Wallpapers grimaces. And then he stands up, in perfect health.

Wallpapers clutches her belly and leans back laughing. "Children, I now command this party to COMMENCE!"

And the party would have commenced, had not a police siren been heard approaching…

Here's the deal: We have a MAJOR update to the wallpapers site live now. Here's what's in store for you:

  • Wallpaper preview images are bigger
  • Submit up to 4 MB files
  • Submit PNG files
  • No required resolution
  • Two new resolutions (1920x1080 and 1600x900)
  • Cleaner download links underneath each wallpaper, organized by aspect ratio

As always, please report any bugs with these new features in the comments.

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