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    Otaku Democracy: Simplifying Wallpapers

As we work on upgrading theO's wallpapers site to support PNG files, a question popped up that requires the input of our wallpaper artist community.

Right now when you submit a wallpaper, you can pick-and-choose what size you want to submit for each aspect ratio. So for example, for the 4:3 aspect ratio, there's a drop-down menu where you can submit either a 1400 by 1050 wallpaper or a 1280 by 960 wallpaper. Our system automatically creates the smaller sizes for each aspect ratio.

We're thinking about changing this and instead requiring the largest resolution for each size. We're also thinking about changing the default required size to the most popular, growing one (1366 by 768).

Here will be the four options:

Required: 1366 by 768
1600 by 1200
1280 by 1024
1920 by 1200

While there are a ton of benefits to this new system, we don't want to act without making sure we have your opinion.

It all comes down to whether you're all comfortable designing wallpapers in higher resolutions than you might normally do. (For example, if you only design wallpapers in 1024 by 768, you'll have to start designing them instead in 1600 by 1200.)

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