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    PNG Party III: iPhone & iPad Wallpapers In Da House

eCards bites a pocky stick. CRUNCH. "Hey Fan Art, ain't PNG support grand?"

Fan Art pumps her fists in the air: "Yeah!"

eCards nods and takes another bite. "And animated GIFs too! Sweet, huh?"


A moment of awkward silence ensues as eCards remembers that Fan Art doesn't support animated GIFs.

The awkward silence continues. And continues. And continues.

eCards takes out his phone and pretends that someone texted him. What's this? Someone DID text him.

"YO YO YO eCards, we almost in 'dat place," the text reads.

Before eCards can respond, two teenagers walk through the door, one short and one stout.

"iPhone and iPad Wallpapers in da house!" the short one yells.

"I smell sweetness!" the stout one shouts. And then, in his eagerness to get to the pocky bowl, iPad Wallpapers trips and falls. He clutches his knee in pain and sobs.

"Gosh! This is terrible!" Fan Art cries. "Can anyone help him? CAN ANYONE HELP HIM!?

Here's the deal: iPhone and iPad Wallpapers now support PNG files! Please let us know if you encounter any bugs in the comments.

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