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    PNG Party II: eCards Join The Fun!

Fan Art is standing alone at the PNG party, sipping orange soda in the corner as Utada Hikaru tunes fly through the air.

What's this?

The door opens and eCards bounces in, holding a bowl of pocky!

Fan Art smiles a toothy grin: "You've come! You've come!"

eCards bows: "And don't worry, I invited Wallpapers, iPhone Wallpapers and Fan Comics, too. They'll be here soon."

Fan Art wipes a tear from her eye and gives eCards a big hug.

Here's the deal: eCards now supports PNG files (GIF files too!). Please comment if you spot any problems. If you try and submit an image and receive an "image not valid" error, please email us a copy of what you're trying to submit.

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