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    Caption Battle: Shakespeare In The Park...

"It's that time again..."
"To start Nightmare Mode?"
"To punch Diablo?"
"No... it's time for this week's caption battle!"

This Week's Caption Battle:
This week's screencap comes courtesy of CelestialSushi and features the series Katekyo Hitman Reborn. On the left is Belphegor; on the right is Fran/Flan (depending on what side of that argument you are on). And so it goes:

You know the drill: type up the funniest, wittiest, most original caption you can think of for the screencap above in the comments below. Also, if any of you would like some tips on writing a great caption, you can find those here.

Last Week's Results:
For those who participated in the last battle, here are the winners:

In third place, because I own five seasons of Ranma to confirm this: Dranzerstorm!

External Image
Back in my day girls used their fists to hit men, and he would be launched 15 miles over several buildings.

In second place, because nobody understands sushi at first: DemonKingAtticus!

External Image
In Nino's defense, the Chief didn't specify HOW the Japanese enjoy raw fish.

And in the coveted first place, which just the right combination of style, intelligence and class... Ryuchu!

External Image
There are two ways to ensure that you get your recommended amount of Omega-3 fatty acids: the easy way...or the hard way.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time in caption battle history where Omega-3 fatty acids have come into play... good times.

And like always, theOtaku is open to all submissions and suggestions for weekly feature content. If you have a screencap you want used, you can PM me and we can do somethin' about it. So good luck, and remember: we've died and been reborn, and that makes us heroes.

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