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    theO Mascot Contest: This is Win!

It's with great pleasure that I announce the winner of theO's mascot competition. Many of the 50+ entries we received would have made for an awesome mascot, but this one was loved by every single member of our staff. Please join me in congratulating jessyca for her stunning work, shown below.

External Image

Here are a few reasons we chose this piece:

  • The vibrant and stunning colors that fit beautifully against our site
  • The character personifies friendliness and pure creative energy
  • We thought having a female mascot would be a nice change of pace
  • Clever integration of our logo character
  • Little touches that show attention to detail, like how the character's dress has texture and how the sketch book's cover text is kind of like theO's logo text

Whew! Look for this mascot to appear on the site toward the end of this month.

Many thanks to everyone who entered. Again, a lot of your works would have made awesome mascots and it was a really tough decision to pick just one. I hope you all had fun in the creative process. Your participation helps keep theO's spirit alive and these competitions are the best kind of artistic practice.

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