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    Caption Battle: Sassbending...

Hey look what's back!

This Week's Caption Battle:
This week's screencap comes courtesy of yours truly and features the newly-premiered series The Legend of Korra. Girl is Korra, bald guy is Tenzin. Let's get back into the swing of things:

You know the drill: type up the funniest, wittiest, most original caption you can think of for the screencap above in the comments below. Also, if any of you would like some tips on writing a great caption, you can find those here.

Last Week's Results:
For those who participated in the last battle, here are the winners:

In third place, because there just ain't no pleasin' folks: TimeChaser!

External Image
And the fangirls screamed in rage...

In second place, because we were all thinking it: Ace!

External Image
Spacesuit make-outs: Theoretically sexy, but sadly physically impossible.

And in the coveted first place, with a caption that I actually don't think we've ever seen before (and that is always enjoyable)... Sakkee!

External Image
Relena:...you blinked
Heero: DAMMIT!!

Job well done! And patience well thanked, everyone - it's been a busy few weeks. Been neglecting this bad boy. I'll fix that, promise!

And like always, theOtaku is open to all submissions and suggestions for weekly feature content. If you have a screencap you want used, you can PM me and we can do somethin' about it. So good luck, and remember: Avatar Kiyoshi had gigantic feet.

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