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    theOtaku.com at Sakura-Con 2012: The Movie!

Hello guys and girls, SomeGuy here half-alive and half-asleep after a weekend at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington.

As you all know, we had our annual site meetup there where we shared some stories, some free swag, and some pictures and video. Also, I suppose technically there was a chatroom thing going on too. Supposedly.

Anyway, enough mulling about! Here's the (mostly) unedited video of theOtaku.com's Sakura-Con meetup (with a super mild language warning because I cannot handle myself sometimes):

All credits go to duorocks17, Japan, Miss Anonymous, chibimaster, Ducky, red:leaf, Dr Lawsworth, and amenonine for coming out to the meetup! It was a small turnout this year, but it was a good meet. Many things were given away. Most of which went to Dr Lawsworth who cleaned up on free stuff since no one else was here.

See? Next year maybe you guys ought to come out too, nya?

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