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    iPhone Wallpaper Site Redo

Before today our iPhone wallpapers site had two upload boxes. The idea was that people could design a lock screen and a home screen version of their work and upload both together. Or they could just upload one and leave the other blank. That was in theory.

In reality, people got confused by the two upload boxes and were uploading the same piece in both, causing a mess. Almost no one used the "complete set" feature correctly, which was our fault for creating an overly complicated system.

So we've simplified things. Now you upload one iPhone wallpaper at a time and let us know whether you optimized it for people's lock screens or home screens. We've even added a "Don't Know" option, for those who just designed a general iPhone wallpaper and don't want to be bothered to learn the screen types. If you designed two wallpapers as a set, just link them together in the description.

If any of your works are improperly categorized you can also edit it to a different type.

Report any bugs in the comments here and thanks for your support! Sorry for the back-tracking.

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