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    Our iPhone Wallpapers Site Just Got Way Better

To show our appreciation for all the great wallpapers that you've added to our iPhone Wallpapers site since its launch (839, to be exact), we've created a great new feature: wallpaper types.

You can now assign your iPhone wallpaper as either a "lock screen" or "home screen" wallpaper. To make things interesting you can also submit an entire wallpaper set, so one page can display both versions of your work at once.

By default we assigned every existing iPhone wallpaper as a "home screen" wall. If you want us to re-categorize one of your existing wallpapers as a "lock screen" wall, send me a PM (Adam) and I'll take care of it.

Oh, and one more thing!

We wrote a great guide to making iPhone wallpapers, which includes two easy-to-use, downloadable templates.

As always, please report any bugs here. Happy submitting!

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