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    Celebrity Chat With Johnny Yong Bosch - Full Transcript

Johnny Yong Bosch, the Black Power Ranger and voice of Ichigo, Vash the Stampede, Lelouch, and many, many others was here earlier today at theOtaku answering members questions.

The chat was a wonderful success with over 78 people in attendance. Since some of you were unable to make it to the special chat we saved and prepared the session so you won't miss out on the fun. Don't forget to check out the before and after part of the chat! Celebrity Chat With Johnny Yong Bosch - Extra

Adam: welcome, Johnny, SunfallE (Beth) will be leading the event
This room is moderated by SunfallE. All messages are forwarded to the moderator for review.

Adam: Attention everyone: We are thrilled today to welcome Johnny Yong Bosch, a superstar anime, video game, and live action actor as well as frontman for the band Eyeshine! We received over 80 questions in anticipation of this event. This interview will feature a mix of those questions and the ones you ask live during chat. Beth (SunfallE) will be hosting. Go Beth!

SunfallE: Just one clarification before I explain the format
SunfallE: is Eyeshineband your members, Johnny?
Johnny: Yes, they are sitting right behind me on the laptop
SunfallE: awesome
Eyeshineband: hi everybody!
SunfallE: I've included them so they can speak to answer questions too.
SunfallE: anyway, how this works is I will present you with a question to answer. Once you're finished simply say Next for another question.
Johnny: awesome
Eyeshineband: k

wuzzle320: When is the next Eyeshine album being released? Because you guys are amazing! Also: CHECK IT>> a link to all the EYESHINE FANART on this site>>> http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/tags/eyeshine
Eyeshineband: this username is being shared by Maurice, Crystal, and Polo
SunfallE: Glad you all could join us. ^_^
Johnny: Late March, early April.
Johnny: It's called Revolution Airwaves
Johnny: Next!!!!!
Johnny: that was rude, i shouldn't yell
Johnny: next please

SunfallE: In case anyone misunderstood, if you didn't include a question in the post go ahead and send 'em to me.
SunfallE: lol you're fine Johnny.

Yamchaa: What is your favorite Old-School anime (pre - 2000's) that you havent worked on, and why?
Eyeshineband: M- Dragonball Z
Eyeshineband: P - Akira
Eyeshineband: C - Aesop's Fables
Johnny: Speed Racer - cuz he had a fast car that had crazy gadgets in it
Johnny: next

icefoxchan: You've done voice acting for the Final Fantasy Dissidia games with about 29 other voice actors. How did it feel working with so many other voice actors? Was there anyone who you particularly liked working with, and if so, who?
Johnny: I was in the booth alone and I never came across any of the other actors or got to hear their voices. So, I don't have a good answer for that one
Johnny: next

wallpaperotaku: I saw you with EyeShine live at SacAnime a year ago and now I listen to your music on my ipod every day (three words: My Paper Kingdom). What exciting vents/developments do you have planned for the band in the future?
Johnny: More shows, more music, more albums
Eyeshineband: More Eyeshine Experience videos on our youtube channel
Eyeshineband: http://youtube.com/theeyeshineband
Johnny: Check it out if you wanna see what it's like being in an unsigned struggling band
Johnny: next

Blank: Do you typically play/watch things that you do work in?
Johnny: not always but there are a few that I try to watch
Johnny: for example: if I like the show or am curious how it turned out
Johnny: especially with anime
Johnny: Because I pretty much get to see it complete as I do it
Johnny: next

WhiteFlame96: Have you ever gotten a sore throat from acting out Ichigo's screaming? XD
Johnny: Yes
Johnny: mostly during the games though
Johnny: but it did happen when I did the voices for Ichigo, Hollow Ichigo and Full Hollowfied Ichigo
Johnny: next

Schultzie: JYB, what was the first "Oh my god" moment you had after you started acting/voice acting? Rather, what did it feel like the first time someone recognized you and started spazzing out going "OH MY GOD! Its [that guy from that series]!?"
Johnny: it was kinda weird
Johnny: i was renting a movie from Blockbuster and the cashier recognized my voice when I said, "I'll take these..." or something as little as that
Johnny: next

reirei: how did you get the job..? did you audition for the role or did they scout you..?" it's a broad question so if you wouldn't mind giving a few roles that you applied for and a few roles of which you just got called in to do the job.
Johnny: Most of the jobs I audition for
Johnny: there have been a couple where they heard me in Trigun and wanted me to play a similar voice
Johnny: just about everything else was an audition
Johnny: neeeeeext

SomeGuy: How awesome was it to be the guest leader/star in "Once A Ranger"?
Johnny: it was pretty cool
Johnny: especially since I got to go to New Zealand and work with Koichi Sakamoto
Johnny: The script was pretty cheesy, which is to be expected from a kids show but they let me kinda adjust the lines wherever I wanted
Johnny: wearing the spandex again though, I could've done without
Johnny: next

walkingstick: How did you and Eyeshine come up with the names on the Sonosis album?
Eyeshineband: Sonosis was basically an instrumental album with very little vocals
Johnny: It was meant to be something you could just listen to and could move you to feel something
Johnny: the titles were a reflection of the emotions we felt as we wrote the songs
Johnny: some people have requested to use it for commercials and their own video projects
Eyeshineband: we still haven't made enough to print hard copies yet, but it is available for download @ our online store http://eyeshine.net/Store2.html
Johnny: I was really hoping it could lead people in meditation or help them rediscover themselves and provide their own lyrics if they wanted to
Johnny: next

The Mask: As a Power Ranger, you also had the privilege of having your very own action figure (http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/the_mask/view/271368/speaking_of_johnny_yong_bosch.../). How did it feel to have your own face featured in an action figure?
Eyeshineband: looks like johnny was on steriods
Eyeshineband: in that picture
Johnny: HAHA
Johnny: Nah I just worked out my shoulders and chest only
Johnny: and then they modeled it after me
Johnny: luckily my body shrunk to fit my face again
Johnny: also I had just dipped my boots and gloves in urine apparently
Johnny: anyways, it's weird
Johnny: next

Ace: I notice you tend to show up in roles that have some sort of relationship with Yuri Lowenthal's characters. Do the casters do that intentionally because they know you two work well together or is that just a coincidence?
Johnny: purely coincidence, we both audition for the same roles and fortunately we've worked side by side for awhile. He's a great actor
Johnny: next

Eyeshineband: n
Pleiades Rising: Anyone ever see your alias "Kevin Hatcher" and wonder: Since when did the former NHL defenseman - a tough guy doing a tough job - start doing VA work for anime!? What made you choose that name, and why do some VA's work under multiple aliases? Thanks for your time!
Eyeshineband: ex
Eyeshineband: t
Eyeshineband: haha sorry
SunfallE: No worries. XD
Johnny: I can't really answer that one for reason you may or may not know
Johnny: next

Katana: I got into anime around the time of Trigun, so to me, you are Vash the Stampede, but others know you better as Ichigo, Lelouch, Renton, Izaya, or my recent favorite, Guy. Is it weird be known for so many characters, or, is there a role you're maybe more attached to?
Johnny: it is a little weird, sometimes I don't know who to be and people always ask me to do a voice. I usually ask who do you like? and they say everyone and then i'm like..."uh, it's morphin time?" and then they're like, oh...nevermind
Johnny: next

Sakura Kokoro: You're an awesome actor/voice actor and some time ago I've learned that you can sing, too. My younger brother is a real fan of your band, Eyeshine, and he's made me listen to quite a lot of your songs. Which are so amazing, so I gotta ask, what inspires you to write these songs and are there any songs that are your particular favorites? Why?
Johnny: Thanks for the compliments
Eyeshineband: your younger brother rocks!
Eyeshineband: thanks for the support :D
Johnny: Everything inspires us, life, love, relationships, a melody, a riff, bad times, good times...
Johnny: my favorite song right now is "Has Our Time Run Out"
Johnny: it's off our next album, Revolution Airwaves
Eyeshineband: C - "Satellite" which is not on any album yet
Johnny: I also like "Our Whole Lives Tonight"
Eyeshineband: P - I dont like Eyeshine
Johnny: and "Alone
Eyeshineband: M - "History of a young man"
Eyeshineband: another song off Revolution Airwaves
Johnny: next

KarinxxxKenta4755: JYB and Eyeshine, Which Eyeshine song would you pick for an opening to the Bleach anime? It would be absolutely amazing if that happened! <3
Johnny: Calling All The Angels
Johnny: Off our next album Revolution Airwaves
Johnny: OR
Johnny: Break the Clouds
Johnny: We did write song for an anime opening theme
Johnny: in fact we wrote a few of them
Johnny: but it didn't get chosen
Johnny: close but not close enough
Johnny: once the show is released we'll post the song up for free
Johnny: we can't say anything about it now though
Johnny: next
Eyeshineband: which btw you can see what happened on "The Eyeshine Experiece" episode 5 here: http://youtu.be/6jJvXBsMKgg
Eyeshineband: hint hint
Johnny: Well
Johnny: the one on that episode was our 2nd choice
Johnny: our 1st choice song is AWESOME
Johnny: and actually fit really well but
Johnny: it wasn't up to us
Johnny: next

Angel Zakuro: When people recognize you for your voice and look, but maybe they have a really bad memory when it comes to your real name, what character's name are you most called by? [Cause I know I would end up calling you "Vash" since that was the first character I heard you as lol!]
Johnny: Adam
Johnny: people always call me Adam
Johnny: and
Johnny: I guess I never correct them so, my own fault
Johnny: next

Sangome: You've done voice work in many video games before, and I suppose this extends to anime as well -- is it awkward to voice stuff like grunts, shouts, one-word attacks, and things of that ilk? I've always had the mental image of VAs in my head sitting in a booth and just going "HRNNGH GRAH GYAAAH" when it comes to voicing battle dialogue, and I have to wonder if that ever gets awkward sometimes.
Johnny: nah, thats my favorite part
Johnny: I really enjoy making grunt noises, it's kinda my specialty
Johnny: I did an episode of Supah Ninja's
Johnny: and I went in to dub over my ninja stuff
Johnny: when the episode aired they used my grunts for almost all the ninjas in the episode
Johnny: it was kinda funny
Johnny: next

Dark Flame 3479: Know anything about an English dub of the Persona 4 anime? If not, would you voice the protagonist/Adachi if approached to do so?
Johnny: I would if I was approached
Johnny: next

willotaku: What was the best thing you remember from working on Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie? Also what was your favorite line?
Johnny: Going to Australia was pretty cool
Johnny: Just working on the film was a totally different experience than the show
Johnny: it's was fun
Johnny: favorite line? I'm a frog
Johnny: next

jellydonut: Do you have any interesting behind-the-scenes moments that you had while working on Power Rangers that you wouldn't mind sharing? :D
Johnny: there were so many things that happened
Johnny: We were driving to set in a van
Johnny: and I got the idea to climb out the window (while it was moving) and go over the roof and climb in the other window
Johnny: Jason Frank said I wouldn't do it
Johnny: I did it
Johnny: but as I got to the other window
Johnny: he rolled it up
Johnny: and grabbed the wheel and tried to shake me off
Johnny: we were crazy like that
Johnny: stupid
Johnny: and crazy
Johnny: but we had good times
Johnny: luckily we didn't get hurt doing the stuff we did
Johnny: ...then again Jason blames me for a failed tree flip that gave him a cut under his eye
Johnny: next

bellpickle: Ever had any "culture clash" moments when meeting Japanese VAs?
Johnny: I met Ichigo
Johnny: in Hawaii
Johnny: and we were exactly the same
Johnny: we liked the same stuff
Johnny: had similar tastes
Johnny: similar sense of humor
Johnny: it was weird
Johnny: next

Cooki Monstress: What do you like too do in your free time? Like what are some of your favorite hobbies? :)
Johnny: music
Johnny: writing and performing
Johnny: I assassinate on the side too, as a ninja
Johnny: just for fun
Johnny: i don't really get paid to do it
Johnny: next

DramaticCheezcake: Dear Johnny Yong Bosch, why does everybody call you by your full name, Johnny Yong Bosch?
Johnny: because if you don't you melt
Johnny: next

MewChero: What's the strangest thing a fan has ever done to you/ for you?
Johnny: offer me sweaty donuts
Johnny: next

reirei: do you cosplay..? ever tried going to work in a cosplay and feel more in character..? or just cosplay other characters for fun..?
Johnny: i did once, as Kiba from wolfs rain
Johnny: it was weird
Johnny: next

vantarshezara: Was there any inspiration at all you pulled on for the Lelouch's evil laugh? Its by far my favorite in an anime, always gets me excited for the shenanigans he's about to pull, even after having watched the show far too many times.
Johnny: I actually would try to have a couple emotions going through my mind. Like fear and joy
Johnny: next

ladyspirituelle: Were there any voice acting roles you didn't like, or did you grow to love all of them?
Johnny: I wasn't sure about Sasori at first but then he grew on me
Johnny: next

shinigami117: What type of character do you like voicing better, the good guys Ichigo, Nero, Vash or the more villainous types Sasori, Lelouch; Lelouch isn't really bad but his voice sounds more evil?
Johnny: I really just like characters that have good emotion to play
Johnny: like Nero
Johnny: or Lelouch
Johnny: both good characters
Johnny: within cool stories
Johnny: bad guys are typically more fun though
Johnny: next

MrSenorJordan: Who was your favorite band growing up?
Eyeshineband: P - Justin Beiber
Eyeshineband: C - Pink Floyd
Johnny: Beatles
Eyeshineband: M - Oasis
Johnny: next

HimynameisSteven: What other instruments do you play?
Johnny: spoons
Johnny: the triangle
HimynameisSteven: haha
Eyeshineband: C - guitar and little bit of drums
Johnny: kazoo
Eyeshineband: P - little bit of drums too and bass
Eyeshineband: M - piano
Johnny: next
Eyeshineband: M - cardboard box

moletta: is there a character that you've regretted taking on, either from a difficulty stand point or just ending up hating him? On that same note, is there a character that you wish people recognized as you more often or less often?
Johnny: yes and yes
Johnny: i won't name the first
Johnny: but a lot of people haven't heard of Kiba in wolfs rain or Claus in Last Exile
Johnny: next

TheDudeMarshall: Do you have any bands or musicians that have inspired you?
Johnny: beatles, foo fighters, nirvana, oasis, led zepplin, motion picture soundtracks
Johnny: next

Sangome: Who would win in a fistfight: Guy Cecil, Tohru Adachi, or Kuhn?
Johnny: Guy
Johnny: next

djthesavior5: Have any of your characters' death scenes actually made you emotional?
Johnny: yeah
Johnny: lelouch
Johnny: next

willotaku: if you had a chance to be in one more Power Ranger show or movie, would you accept it?
Johnny: maybe
Johnny: depends on who's working on it
Johnny: next

Domine Kuro: someone might have asked this question already but how was it doing your stunts as the black ranger? did you get hurt?
Johnny: it was the most exciting part of my day
Johnny: i did injure myself a little
Johnny: not too bad
Johnny: next

Timcanpy14: Do you feel that your characters influence or has influenced your life in any way? And could you give examples too, please? ^^
Johnny: I can't really say that they have
Johnny: in fact I think I've influenced my characters
Johnny: at least with what I have experienced
Johnny: next

ZanpakutoMan: Since you've been doing BLEACH do you feel like it's your main anime?
Johnny: pretty much
Johnny: at least at this point
Johnny: I
Johnny: have another interview in a few minutes
Johnny: time for a couple more q's
Johnny: next
SunfallE: Okay.

Cooki Monstress: Have you ever had a dream were you were in an anime that you voiced in? If so then what anime was it? :D
Johnny: never
Johnny: next

CelestialSushi: Is there a series that you'd like to see receive an English dub? If so, which series? And if you could voice one of the characters from that series, who would it be?
Johnny: that's a tough one
Johnny: Abara
Johnny: but I don't even think it's an anime yet, just a manga
Johnny: time for one last one

Blank: Have you heard of Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 Comic and/or the Comic Dub that was made for it? Did you like it?
Johnny: I have not, sorry
Johnny: i'll give you one more
Johnny: next

willotaku: Are there any future shows we should be looking for that has you acting in them?
Johnny: Yes, but I've signed non disclosures and can't talk about them.

Johnny: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me
SunfallE: And thank you so much for coming, you and the gang.
Adam: Thanks so much Johnny and Eyeshine! We have a tradition where we open up chat and let people thank you all live too
SunfallE: I'm going to end moderation now.
Johnny: I'm on facebook an twitter
Adam: everyone thank Johnny and Eyeshine!!!

And there you have it. Be sure to thank Johnny and the members of Eyeshine: Maurice, Crystal, and Polo for coming to theOtaku and chatting with the members!

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