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    Ask Johnny Yong Bosch Your Best Questions Here

It took nearly 200 comments to do it, but you joined forces and solved our epic riddle. The answer was…Johnny Yong Bosch!

Johnny Yong Bosch, the Black Power Ranger and voice of Ichigo, Vash the Stampede, Lelouch, and many, many others has agreed to stop by theOtaku.com and answer your most urgent questions.

Here's the deal: Respond to this post with your best question to JYB. On Monday, February 13th, he'll visit our chat room and we'll interview him live with questions from this post. Anyone who visits our chat during this period can watch. Attendees may be able to ask their questions directly depending on time. This is a major format change.

Date: Monday, February 13th at 1:30 PM PT, 2:30 PM MT, 3:30 PM CT, 4:30 PM ET.

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