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    Celebrity Chat With Colleen Clinkenbeard - Full Transcript

Colleen Clinkenbeard, English voice of Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece, and dozens more, was invited to a chat session with the members of theOtaku.

Everyone had a wonderful time with over twenty four people in attendance. However for those of you who were unable to make it to the chat we saved it so you wouldn't miss out on the fun.

SunfallE: Thank you so much for coming Colleen. :) How this will work is members will put in questions and I'll select one for you to answer. Once you are done simply say next and I'll approve another question.
Colleen: Sounds super. :) Hello again, everyone.
SunfallE: Alright everyone, send your questions for Colleen.

Butterflykiss: HI Colleen, I was wondering what were a few of your favorite characters to play?
Colleen: I have a bunch I consider favorites, but the top of the pile definitely consists of Monkey D Luffy, Yuko, Maso, and Miranda
Butterflykiss: aweosme thank you so much!
Colleen: No problem!
Colleen: Is this where I say next?
SunfallE: Yes it is. :)
Colleen: NEXT!

kyouyarenge: Hey, thanks so much for being here! I seem to recall a certain convention a year or two ago, where there happen to be a joke about "bullemic" instead of "believe it". What is the best joke you've picked up at a convention?
Colleen: Wow. That's a really hard one to answer. I'm not so great at remembering all the funny little tidbits from the booth or conventions. Let me just say that when you get a whole bunch of VAs together, things can get crazy, when you get Monica Rial drunk she will throw butter balls, and when you're on a late night panel with Sonny Strait, he may or may not kiss you on the mouth.
Colleen: Oh! Next.
Colleen: Darn it. I will never remember that.

Heartstop: Hey Colleen, First off Welcome to the otaku ^^. I wanted to ask has it ever been challenging voicing the other gender?especially such talkative characters like luffy etc. Thanks for coming and answering :3
Colleen: It's certainly more painful to voice male characters for me, since they're so low and gruff. But it's also more fun sometimes, because it's a character I'd never get to play on stage or in films. You know? Luffy is one of the hardest roles to play physically, but he's my all time favorite as well.
Colleen: Next

NeKo MoonShine: Hello Colleen, glad that you could join us today.^^ My question is, well I have yet to watch Tsubasa, and I absolutely love xxxHOLiC, but which anime did you like voice acting Yuuko in better?
Colleen: DEFINITELY Holic. I love Tsubasa because it's so beautifully done, but it lacks the edge of xxxHolic in my mind. I like how creepy Holic can get, I think Todd did an unbelievably good job as the lead, and Yuko is waaaay funnier in that series.
Colleen: Next

FaithlessFighter: I'm a big One Piece and a fan of your voice acting. How about letting me be an honorary member of your pirate crew?
Colleen: Done!
FaithlessFighter: awesome
Colleen: You can be the acupuncturist. Or maybe the resident artist.
Colleen: next
FaithlessFighter: lol I'll try

kamichama karin s: Heya Colleen, so I've got an FMA related question. What are your feelings on the RoyxRiza pairing, do you like or dislike it?
Colleen: I like it! I like romance in general when it comes to my shows. I like to have that little bit of personal intrigue amidst the adventure. I think he's got a long way to go before he's worth of her though!
kamichama karin s: Hehe totally, Thank for answering by question. ^^
Colleen: you're welcome! whoops! next.

CelestialSushi: Konnichiwa, Colleen :D Having played several characters, I'm sure you've gone through tons of auditions. What is a typical audition like?
Colleen: At funimation we are called in for a 10 or 15 minute slot, usually.
Colleen: we sit in the waiting room and read over the sides.
Colleen: Sides usually consist of a pic of the character and several lines of dialogue.
Colleen: When you get into the booth, the director asks you to slate (say your name and the character name)
Colleen: then you go through each of the lines. After which he/she may give you some direction to see if you can change your voice up or your reads up just a little.
Colleen: Then you cross your fingers.
Colleen: :)
Colleen: Next
CelestialSushi: Awesome, thanks :D

Linku-kun: I'm a fan of several of the characters that you voiced. Especially Erza Scarlet and how you bring out her character from a cold exterior to reveal her warm and caring interior but I must ask if you found it funny/ironic that you voiced a pirate, given your last name?
Colleen: Hah!
Colleen: I think the pirate theme is going to follow me around for a while.
Colleen: I actually auditioned for a video game once and they liked my name so much that they told me when they cast me they were going to put a tavern in the game called the Clinking Beard.
Colleen: never happened. I need to remind them for the next game.
Colleen: next

Gainax: Hi, Colleen! You're definitely one of my favourite voice actresses! Is it hard changing your range in voice for each character you play? What's your easiest role since you said Luffy is the hardest? And do you read the manga based off the anime you dub or is there not enough time? Sorry for all the questions. >w>;;
Colleen: Thanks!
Colleen: It can be hard coming up with new voices, but once you sink into a role it usually gets easier. These days it's only hard for me to keep ahold of the young voices. Luffy lowered my voice permanently from all the damage, I think.
Colleen: My easiest role was probably Mitzuki from Rumbling Hearts. She was so natural feeling and not at all character-y.
Colleen: Having said that, though, she was emotionally taxing. Yuko is the easiest on my voice, physically.
Colleen: I don't usually get into the manga- I just never learned to read in that format very well- but I love to know what happens in the mangas and I always quiz my fans who read them.
Colleen: Next

Katana: Since you work in a genre with a dedicated fanbase (anime in general), are there any things you yourself really geek out over?
Colleen: I am a crazy fantasy novel fan.
Colleen: Can't get enough.
Colleen: I don't fangirl out about much, but if I ever find out that George R R Martin or someone like that is coming to a convention I'm at, look out.
Colleen: Also, Joss Whedon is awesome.
Colleen: Next

Sangome: Hello Colleen, I know that in addition to voice work, you also do ADR direction in various series. What all does ADR directing consist of, if that's not too complicated/vague of a question?
Colleen: Hmmm... that is a hard one to explain in 100 words or less. :) Basically my job as a director is to cast the show and be familiar enough with it that I can keep everything consistent.
Colleen: We record one actor at a time in a booth, so it can be hard to make it sound like the characters are having a real back-and-forth conversation. that's the most important part of my job.
Colleen: Am I doing okay answering these, SunfallE:? Do you want more for each question?
SunfallE: You're doing great! Thank you so much. :)
Colleen: Cool. Next

Starscream: Ay up. Just a quick question regarding recording methods. Have you ever had to do branching/concatenation when you voice, or do you generally record full and complete sentences?
Colleen: I've been in this industry for almost a decade and I have no idea what those words mean.
Colleen: We roll in frequently, if that's what you're asking. Sometimes you want to keep the first part of a line but get a different second part.
Colleen: Does that answer your question?
Starscream: (The recording of parts of a sentence so that you can edit, or string them together depending on the use.) I guess that does indeed.
Starscream: Thank you muchly.
Colleen: Sure!
Colleen: Next

CitrusStorm: Hey Colleen! Do you have any fun stories to tell about practical jokes that occur around the office?
Colleen: Like I said, I'm not so good with remembering that kind of thing. :( Sorry! We are big on Facebook hacking around the studio, though. So there's lots of stories in there.
Colleen: If you leave your facebook page open, you will come back to your desk to find that you have changed sexual orientation and are now a huge Brony.
Colleen: I like the name CitrusStorm, btw.
CitrusStorm: I can see Sabat with lots of Fluttershy.
CitrusStorm: And thank you!
Colleen: Next
SunfallE: Do you still have time for another question, Colleen?
Colleen: Yup. I think we can do one more.
SunfallE: Excellent

NeKo MoonShine: Another question, based on your liking for fantasy novels, my dad loves Raymond E. Feist novels (I've read a couple as well) and I was wondering if you read/liked his books as well?
Colleen: Yes! I really like Feist. I think his Magician world is very well thought out. Patrick Rothfuss is my favorite, though.
Colleen: I just got done reading Codex Alera, and I really loved it. Maybe Dresden Files is next?
NeKo MoonShine: Thank you for answering and being here.^^

SunfallE: Just to add in here, I would definitely recommend Dresden Files. Excellent series. :)
Colleen: I'm sorry I have to make it such a short one. Thank you all so much for listening to me ramble. I hope to meet you all at a convention some day!
Colleen: Oh, good!
Colleen: I'll read that one next.
Colleen: :) Thanks, everyone!
SunfallE: Thanks again for coming. We're glad you could make it. I'm going to end moderation now. :)
This room is no longer being moderated.

EmotionalFreak: Have a good day*
Sangome: Thank you for being here! And the brony comment just kind of made my year.
Heartstop: No worries, Thanks alot for coming :D
Butterflykiss: bye thanks for coming!
Heartstop: it was great talking to you
Japan: Dresden is a goood series
CitrusStorm: So much fun! Thanks!
sasuke sarutobi4: see ya!!!!!!
Tai-dyed: thanks for coming!
xXShayde WolfXx: Hi Bye~
CelestialSushi: Bye-bee! Thanks and arigatou! :D
FaithlessFighter: Later Captain
Starscream: Byenara.
Gainax: Thanks for being here~
sasusaku 4ever: Thank you for coming
EmotionalFreak: Thanks for coming
Japan: thanks for coming!
Colleen: you guys are awesome!
Katana: Hooray!
Heartstop: Yay us? xD
EmotionalFreak: Bye~
Butterflykiss: thanks so are you~
CitrusStorm: We are awesome because you are awesomer.
Gainax: 8DD
CelestialSushi: Woot! :D
Sangome: :D
Butterflykiss: bye bye *waves*

And there you have it, be sure to thank Colleen Clinkenbeard for taking the time to come and chat with the members of theOtaku.

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