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    Collaboration Time: You Can Now Use Fan Art In Your Fan Works

We are pleased to announce the beta launch of an innovative, forward-thinking feature that will either kick-start a new golden age of artist collaboration or gather dust in the virtual corner:

You can now use specially marked works of fan art in your theOtaku wallpapers and ecards.

When we first discussed this feature with you, there were two main concerns:

(1) Being able to turn off sharing for specific works
(2) Making sure we didn't opt-in artists who haven't logged into the site for a long time

Both issues are addressed. You can turn off sharing for specific works and anyone who hasn't logged into theOtaku since 2012 is automatically opted-out of this program.

Here's how it works for the graphic designer:

  • Browse our fan art site for a piece that looks interesting
  • Scroll down and see whether that piece allows sourcing
  • If it does, turn it into a beautiful wallpaper or ecard
  • When you submit that wallpaper or ecard, enter the URL of the fan art you used as the 'Source'
  • The creator of that fan art will receive a notification and your piece will link to it automatically
  • Your piece will also be cross-linked on the fan art itself
  • Note that you're not allowed to post this new piece outside theOtaku.com

Here's how it works for the artist:

  • By default all your works are available for sourcing
  • You can block sourcing for individual works by editing them
  • If you don't want any of your works to allow sourcing, visit the Notifications & Permissions page in your backroom
  • If someone uses any of your art, you'll receive a notification PM and their work will automatically link to yours, driving extra promotion
  • If someone uses any of your art, your work will automatically link to it, so people can explore your art in a new context
  • Rest assured that it's against our terms to upload the new work outside theOtaku, so you can always keep track of it

This feature is in beta. Please give it a try and report any problems right here in the comments. We'll respond to them quickly.

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