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    Caption Battle: We Make This Look Good...

"It's that time again..."
"To get a full night's sleep?"
"To start A Storm Of Swords?"
"No... it's time for this week's caption battle!"

This Week's Caption Battle:
This week's screencap comes courtesy of cowboysean and features the series Witch Hunter Robin. On the left you have Miho Karasuma; on the right is Haruto Sakaki. Show us the magic, folks:

You know the drill: type up the funniest, wittiest, most original caption you can think of for the screencap above in the comments below. Also, if any of you would like some tips on writing a great caption, you can find those here.

Last Week's Results:
For those who participated in last week's battle, here are the winners:

In third place, for the most complete eye-related joke: kyouyarenge!

External Image
Piercings come in all shapes and styles now, huh? That one over the eye HAD to hurt.

In second place, because y'alls know I love a cheesy pun: TimeChaser!

External Image
Looks like Po has some nasty ingrown hares.

And in the coveted first place, catching something terrible that I didn't see the first time around but has since ruined everything but so be it... Dranzerstorm!

External Image
I'm glad Po can't see what the rabbits on top of his head are doing.

Fun times. And again, let me remind everyone that it's not the content that wins those sorts of gags, but the delivery of said gags. Keep it classy, folks!

And like always, theOtaku is open to all submissions and suggestions for weekly feature content. You have a screencap you want used, you can PM me and we can do somethin' about it. So good luck, and remember: sustain pedals are awesome.

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