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    Otaku Discuss Go! Anime Alternatives For Popular Series

It's discussion time here at theOtaku.com. Last week we asked you to craft New Year's resolutions for your favorite anime characters. Today's discussion requires just as much thought but has a more pragmatic focus (meaning it could actually help someone in life).

Here's the deal: Comment on this story with the name of a popular anime and then next to it put the name of one or more lesser-known series that's similar to the popular series. You'll get Bossman points if you explain why the anime are similar. Bonus Bossman points go to especially obscure series.

The goal of this exercise is to introduce casual anime fans to niche series.

Here's an example:

Death Note -> Baccano/Golgo 13/Initial D because all these anime have a strong element of psychological strategy.


We also expect a lot of comments from the member whose anime collection looks like this:

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