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    theOtaku.com's 7-Day Challenge Slam Begins Now!

Friendly competition is one of the best ways to push yourself creatively, make new friends, and gain a following. Last week we had a comment slam that was an overwhelming success. This week we want to channel your madcap energy into a challenge slam.

In December, 26 challenges were added across our fan art, wallpaper, fan comics, and card sites with 150 total submissions. That's well under a power level of 9,000.

Our goal is to double December in one week - from today to next Thursday, January 12th.

Here's the deal: Create more than 50 challenges and enter more than 300 450 total submissions to any challenge (including existing ones) and we'll add a shiny new feature to the site. Fail and, like last time, we'll take one away (*evil laugh*).

At the end of this slam we'll also highlight our favorite challenges and submissions so they get extra exposure. We might also distribute prizes of our own--if you impress us of course.

I believe in you, we believe in you, so get started! Visit any of our sites and click the "Challenges" link in the sub-menu to participate.

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