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    Farewell Fan Art Tribute to Bandai Entertainment

Bandai Entertainment, one of the last great US anime companies, will stop releasing new DVD, Blu-Ray, and Manga titles starting February. While the company will continue to sell its existing stock, its future will involve licensing rather than distributing - a major blow to the industry.

The staff at theOtaku.com would like to thank Bandai for its 13 years of service to the industry and, on a personal note, for sponsoring us during a rough patch in 2011. Best wishes to the team there as they seek new positions.

Below is a tribute of fan art for just a few of the major series that Bandai helped popularize in the United States:

Haruhi Suzimiya:

External Image

Lucky Star:

External Image

Gundam SEED:

External Image

Code Geass:

External Image

Cowboy Bebop:

External Image

See You Later, Anime Cowboy...

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