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    New Feature Alert: Comment History

For the courage you showed in submitting over 5,500 comments to this site in a single 24-hour period we are proud to reward you with a cool new feature: comment history! With a single click on your portfolio you're now able to see every single comment you've ever added to this site.

Why is comment history important? Here are a few reasons:

(1) Comments as Portfolio Pieces - We don't want you to think of comments as disposable, we want you to think of them as a permanent portfolio piece that reflects upon your character and contribution. After all, a good comment can have a profound positive impact on someone else's work.

(2) Creeper Protection - With a person's comments out in the open, it becomes harder for creepers, harassers, and flamers to to leave nasty comments. They suddenly have accountability and transparency for their actions.

(3) Learning - If a member writes very constructive comments on multiple people's art, you can browse that person's comments and learn a lot from their feedback to other members. Similarly, if a member is very witty, it can be fun to scour their witty comments.

(4) Everyone Else Does It - Most other sites already have comment history built in. For example, every message board in existence. For us it's a new feature so we understand it might alarm some of you at first.

(5) Your Own Amusement - You can step back through time and read some of your classic comment conversations with ease.

In order to protect your privacy we have built in a few safeguards:

(1) All comments on friends-only worlds are marked 'PRIVATE' to people other than yourself

(2) Only members can view comments

Since this is a new feature your feedback is critical. Please post your thoughts in the comments here.

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