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    theOtaku.com's First Ever 24-Hour Comment Slam!

In 2011 the day with the most comments posted on theOtaku.com was all the way back in January. That's practically 2010. Ugh.

Unlike other, more...deviant...websites, we're a small and tight-knit community that relies heavily on positive and helpful comments to keep people submitting great works. We can do a lot better!

Let's make a deal: If you make the next 24-hours our new 2011 high for comments we'll reward your efforts with a shiny new feature related to comments! And if the next 24-hours isn't our new high, we'll take a feature away (cue evil laugh).

The number to beat is 1957 5000 (Mwahahahahaha). A ticker in your backroom will show the results of the comment slam in real-time.

Oh, and one final request: your comments must embody theOtaku.com's high quality standards. We might even subtract very short comments from the total just to prove a point. This isn't YouTube, after all.

To participate, comment anywhere on theOtaku.com. The best comments will be positive, constructive, and quality comments on people's fan works.

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